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Revscene Spring Meet 2015: Thank You Car Clubs!

We want to give a great thank you for all the Car Clubs that attended the 2015 Spring Meet! We especially want to give acknowledgement

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Revscene Spring Meet 2015: Food Food Food!

Who’s excited for the 15th Annual Spring Meet? I know we’re all there mostly for the cars and motorcycles, but the food perfects the entire

March 19, 2015 Featured, Meets, VLS
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Van Auto Show 2015: Exclusive RS Discount!

Vancouver International Auto Show 2015: Exclusive RevScene 2 for 1 Discount The Vancouver International Auto Show has grown by over 25% this year with all

March 09, 2015 Automotive, Featured, Meets, VLS
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Blackberry: Am I Crazy?

I’m a working professional and I use my phone for both work and pleasure. Like many who loved their blackberry, I fell out of love

March 09, 2015 Featured, VLS
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Revscene Spring Meet 2015 – Car Club Invitation

ATTENTION CAR CLUBS!!!   Car clubs can now reserve spots for the 15th Annual Spring Meet. Your spots will be reserved¬†throughout the entire meet.¬†Please sign

March 06, 2015 Automotive, Featured, Meets, VLS
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Must Try Ice Cream Shops in Vancouver!

10.) D’oro Gelato: Are you ready to experience true traditional Italian flavour? D’oro gelato is known to create a “New-World, Old-World setting while you enjoy

March 06, 2015 Featured, VLS
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Best Brunch Spots in Vancouver

If you don’t like brunch food, then I don’t know why you’re even here! Haha, just kidding. But on a real note, brunch food is

February 27, 2015 Featured, VLS
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2015 Revscene Spring Meet!

It’s time for Revscene’s 15th Annual Spring Meet! This year will come with a lot of changes… Proudly brought to you by Blitzgear Event:

February 21, 2015 Automotive, Featured, Meets, VLS
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Top 10 Restaurants to Impress your Valentines Date

Valentine’s day is almost here! Did you guys already make plans and reservations yet? If not, then don’t worry because we listed out the top

February 06, 2015 Featured, VLS
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Must Try Ramen Restaurants in Vancouver

There are so many foodies here in Vancouver, and Ramen is one of the go-to soup noodle dishes! With Vancouver’s cold weather, a nice bowl

January 30, 2015 Featured, VLS
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