When looking at luxury vehicles most will think of names like BMW, Mercedes, or Audi. However, Hyundai want’s to reinvent the wheel by creating the Genesis brand. While the brand has been out for a while they have concentrated on two models a coupe which is now the discontinued and the sedan that’s been renamed as the G80. However, the G90 does trace it’s roots to the Equus brand that Hyundai has used in the past few years. And it’s far more elegant than some might expect.

000_6935Looking at the G90, the vehicle is sleek with a handsome design overall. With a long and sculpted hood, the vehicle looks smaller than it actually is. Upon closer inspection, the car really shows the length.

000_6944Chrome accents around the windows and lower beltline add a bit of character to the long slightly boring sides of the G90.

000_6933Out back is a beautiful set of taillights. In a way, it’s similar to ones found in some BMW and there’s nothing wrong with that but it adds presence to the overall beige body.

000_6908Inside, you’ll find beautiful leather, wood, and piano black trim. It’s a nice and pleasant place to be.

000_6937A 12″ high-resolution display sits in the middle of the car showing all the driver’s needs from media to navigation. Something that is missing is the lack of Apple Carplay or Android Auto. However, the system is easy to use and control with a large rotary dial in the centre of the console as well as physical buttons just below the air vents to adjust media and HVAC functions.

000_6938While the knob itself is quite easy to use it lacks input features found in newer BMW or Audi products. Since a rotating knob is easy to use, we were hoping to see a touchpad option on the top of the knob allowing for character input instead of slowly selecting through rotary controls.

Just below the knob is the car’s seat adjustments. Heated and ventilated seats are standard along with a dual stage heated steering wheel. Just below that button is the privacy screen for the rear.

000_6914Speaking of seats, the front chairs in the G90 are superiorly comfortable. Similar to lazy-boy it offers tons of adjustability and comfort settings. Even the headrest can move fore and aft to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes. However, unlike some other manufacturers, the G90 doesn’t support massaging seat functions which can be found in plenty of luxury cars.

000_6921For the back seats, it’s even better. There’s tons of legroom and the seats are extremely plush. Designed for the highest executives, these seats offer plenty of comforts needed before the next big meeting.

000_6912And while sitting in the back, there’s plenty of toys as well. On the centre console, there’s controls for HVAC as well as audio functionality. Being back here it’s possible to even move the front seats fore and aft to accommodate the tallest of passengers. For those who choose the 5.0L v8 option, there are also some changes to the back seats. With the upgraded engine, there is the ability to recline the rear seats as well as cooling them rather than just heating sadly still massaging seats cannot be found.

000_6926To round up the interior, the G90 comes standard with an excellent Lexicon audio system with 17 speakers. And to help with the audio, there’s double layered soundproof glass and triple-sealed doors to block all outside noise. Riding in the G90 is superbly quiet, only a bit of hum from the 3.3L engine makes its way in.

000_6911Behind the wheel, the G90 feels as large as it is. It does take a bit to get up and go, however, there is a Sports mode that does change how it feels. Sharpening up the throttle, stiffening the suspension and allocating more power to the rear wheels the 3.3L turbo v6 has 365hp and 376lb-ft of torque to pull this large barge to 100km/h in just 5.3 seconds. Which is impressive considering the vehicle’s total weight is close to 5000lbs at 4824lbs.

Throwing the G90 in a corner and it’ll complain, it’s not designed for this at all. But lofting down a highway or going from client to client, the G90 can be extraordinary.

000_6924To be frank, the G90 isn’t the best luxury car you can buy. But for the sheer amount of space and luxury features it holds it’s own without any hesitation.


To add to all of this bargain, the Genesis brand offer’s something they call the Genesis Experience. What it includes is if you were looking to buy a Genesis, they will come to you and let you test drive, when you’re ready to buy they will come to deliver the vehicle. For the first 5 years or 100,000km, they will meet you and take care of the car. With complimentary scheduled maintenance, concierge service, a loaner Genesis when yours is in service and a complimentary warranty. These are things that are not found in other luxury brands, and for some, that’s a big deal. Simple and easy is what makes the Genesis so competitive. Best of all it’s priced well below the competitors at $84,000 for the V6 and $87,000 for the V8.