Now on the 2nd generation, the Genesis has always been a great deal considering the size and performance.


For 2018 Genesis has gone ahead and updated the G80 with a new Sport model. Unlike some other automakers, Genesis doesn’t just put Sport badge on it and some fancy wheels and call it a day. Instead of using the 3.8 V6 or the 5.0 V8 from the previous models they put in a new 3.3L twin-turbo V6. This combined with standard AWD (in Canada) makes this a quick barge.



Styling wise, Genesis added a lot of little pieces through the body for accents. For example, the headlights have copper coloured surrounds around the projector. It’s small details like this that really make a difference. Also, check out the grill, 3D honey comes sets it apart from the rest of the lineup and adds to that sporty flair. Along the side of the G80, they’ve gone ahead and darkened the chrome giving a vehicle a bit more stealth appearance.



Inside the G80 is a relativity nice place to be. There are soft-touch materials everywhere within the cabin and beautify stitched leather on the doors and seats. With the Sport model Genesis changed out the steering wheel for one with a smaller diameter and it fits the cabin nicely. Ability to heat up the steering wheel makes cold Canadian winters much more bearable.

Over on the center stack, there’s plenty of buttons. Unlike some newer cars which hide everything within the menu system, the Genesis has taken a bit of an old-school approach when it comes to climate and media controls. With duplicated controls, it’s easy for anyone to jump in and use. Resting just under the driver’s right palm in front of the armrest nestles the main controls. This rotary knob controls the screen above if the user doesn’t want to use the touchscreen.



While luxury cars are generally lathered in wood and leather, this G80 has real Carbon Fibre trim on its doors and dash.


Front seats are nicely bolstered. For the driver, there are inflatable cushions on the sides to hold the driver in place. Sadly, the passenger is left out of this deal but is still be treated to soft leather with heated and cooled cushions.



For the back seats, there’s plenty of room to move about. A bit lacking in the luxury department as there’s nothing really that special back here other than heated seats. There is plenty of space for both head and legroom, but it’s missing true luxury touches like dedicated media controls or massaging seats.


All Passengers are treated to this enormous sunroof, while only the front opens. The glass does stretch over the front and rear seats giving the cabin an airy feel. It’s also very clever instead of one large roller to block the sun when needed it uses two smaller rollers located on the front and rear of the glass to increase headroom.



As said the Sport does have an all-new engine the all-aluminum V6 has 24 valves and two small turbochargers to boost power to 365hp and 375lb-ft of torque. Unlike the rest of the lineup, the torque on this motor comes down low. All 376lb-ft is available starting at 1300rpm, basically just slightly above idle you’ll have all the torque that’s ever needed.

With power and weight, it’s normal to consume more fuel. Averaging a total of 14L/100km in the city the G80 isn’t going to sip fuel.


Power is fed thru a smooth shifting 8-speed transmission to all four wheels. This hefty land yacht (465lbs) is able to accelerate with ease. Taking only 5 seconds to reach 100km/h it’s no slouch.

However, while it’s great in a straight line it’s in the turns that the Genesis falls short. With the heft, it’s hard to mitigate that problem but it does try. Sport-tuned suspension all around levels the car out as much as it can but you can’t beat physics. And while the Sport badge on the back suggests it should be quite athletic, the stability program cannot be fully disabled. So during hard cornering, the G80 will cut power when it senses the driver doing anything out of the ordinary.

_DSC4852Overall the Genesis is a very good luxury sedan. Priced at $62,000 it’s significantly lower than anything in the market. For those who may not be as concerned about the price point, it makes sense that this is the bargain luxury sedan. But for some, the badge on the back of the car will deter some.



And don’t forget at least for Canadian customers, for the first 5 years they will take care of you and the car. With in-home service, you never need to bring the car into the dealer. If you wanted you can even purchase the car over the internet. It’s really the new way of shopping.