For 2018 Hyundai has updated its sub-compact the Accent to make it more attractive than ever before.

_DSC5624The overall look has been updated, and now it looks like the Elantra, which is no bad thing as the Elantra is very stylish. Keeping with the times, there are even LED daytime running lamps and plenty of chrome to brighten up the front-end.

_DSC5622It’s quite the looker, the optional 17″ wheels adds a bit of flare to the Accent’s well-sculpted shoulder lines.

_DSC5630The inside of the Accent is made from high-quality looking materials although they still feel scratchy, they are at least shaped and styled in a way that flows in the cabin. The overall interior looks similar to that of the Elantra and Sonata everything is neat and tidy with most of the controls falling nicely into hands.


This being the top model has some nice goodies like this easy to use 7″ touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The unit is set up similarly to other Hyundai vehicles, and there’s no doubt it is one of the easiest infotainment screens to use with the aid of touchscreen as well as physical buttons.

Below the display sits the automatic climate control, working well to keep occupants at a set temperature no matter what it is outside.



To help keep the occupants nice and toasty our tester also has heated seats and steering wheel. At $20,000 the Accent certainly has a lot of features for the money. That being said, the top trim doesn’t give the Accent the best value for money as it’s creeping into the Elantra and Civic levels or pricing.


The rest of the cabin isn’t too bad neither. Both rows of seats are plenty comfortable for four adults. The raised roofline aids headroom with both rows. And what’s even more surprising is the trunk space. It’s massive! At 14 cu ft, it’s bigger than the Ford Fiesta as well as the Toyota Yaris.

_DSC5633Driving the Accent is what you typically find in an average econobox. The ride is soft with plenty of roll, it’s undoubtedly not build to be pushed but the overall weight of the car at only at 2480lbs making this little run-a-bout relativity of fun to drive. Under the hood sits a 1.6 L engine making 138 hp and 123 lb-ft of torque. It’s no race car, but it will get the job done.

Pleasantly the cabin remains hushed during commutes, keep the revs below 3000rpm, and the engine is barely audible. Sitting in traffic, some may even think it’s a hybrid. Fuel consumptions wise the Accent pulls some decent numbers, at 8.8L/100km in the city and 6.3 on the highway it’s plenty frugal. Best yet these numbers are achievable thanks to the 6-speed automatic that tends to keep engine revs nice and low.

_DSC5626Hyundai has really surprised us with the new Accent. It delivers near compact level of space, with mid-size features at a subcompact price.

***** UPDATE *******
Hyundai offered the Accent hatchback to me, and I wanted to update this review just a bit.



The hatchback is the smarter choice when comparing to the sedan it looks better, and there’s plenty of room. One thing that Hyundai has done right they offer the Accent with a manual transmission even in the top trim.

_DSC6234If you have read our review of the CX-3 found here, you know how much I love a little car with a manual. Make no doubt the Accent is just the same.

_DSC6238Even with only 132hp and 119lb-ft of torque, this little bugger is a lot of fun to drive. Best yet even if you drive like a manic it stays under the speed limits. Due to the feather weight of the accent, it’s also easy to get some fantastic fuel consumption. During my time with it with mostly city driving I averaged 7L/100km and on the highway its easy to get under 6L.

_DSC6228 _DSC6227


Going back to why the hatch makes so much sense, check out the vast amount of space back here, the liftover height is nice and low, the load floor is even smaller and with the back seats folded there’s plenty of room in there for all sorts of things.

_DSC6223 _DSC6221As said above the Accent is a great little car, but these sporty touches and the fact it’s manual makes it fun and enjoyable without getting into trouble.

_DSC6235 _DSC6236 _DSC6229Thanks Hyundai Canada the subcompact fun again.

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