The C-Class wagon is the wagon of choice for a lot of young buyers. It features tons of space and an efficient four-cylinder engine with plenty of power. Mated with Mercedes’s excellent 4Matic all-wheel-drive system, it’s even suitable for all climates. Check out the video below for our review.


Let’s be honest, the C300 is a great car. It’s comfortable with plenty of pep, but looking at what’s on the roads the C300 wagon is not a typical vehicle. wagon.

_DSC8589It’s hard to see why this compact luxury wagon has plenty of space in the back for all of the families stuff. The rear seats even fold 40/20/40 to maximize the cargo capabilities.

_DSC8590Even under the cargo floor, there’s extra storage! I love the included Mercedes branded Instant crate it’s perfect to knick-knacks in place in such a vast trunk.

_DSC8611Stepping inside the cabin, and we have soft-touch materials everywhere.

_DSC8613The centre stack is clean and elegant with a beautiful large display that houses the Mercedes infotaintment system. It works well but it does lack CarPlay and Android Auto a feature that a lot of buyers are looking for these days. Even with out those features, the infotiaiment system itself is quick to respond and can accuratly pinpoint words when using voice to text.

_DSC8608As for the seats, these buckets are comfortable and supportive. There’s plenty of lateral support even for a bit of spiritied driving.

_DSC8609Back seat occuapnts are treated to plenty of headroom but does lack on knee and leg room for those who are a bit taller.

_DSC8610Luckjily no matter which seat you take there’s a eneromous glass roof that spanes over the rear passengers letting plenty of light in.

_DSC8582Behind the wheel the C300 feels planted. It’s no sports car but it delivers enough oomph to make it feel like one. Adding to this feeling is the optional AMG package, it’s mostly for apperence but there’s nothing wrong with a nice set of AMG wheels on your wagon.

_DSC8623Up front powering all four wheels is a 2.0L turbo charged four cylinder. This little four-cylinder makes 241hp and 273lb-ft of torque. All that torque comes in at 1300 rpm, so just right above idle the C300 is able to pull and pull it does. Mated to an excellent 9-speed automatic this pairing is smooth and refined. Those who had older C300 may miss the smooth sounds of the six-cylinder of yesteryear, but the torque curve that this engine delivers will drown any thoughts a V6.

_DSC8585Since we’re in 2018, a lot of cars have near luxury features. Looking at a Hyundai Accent for example you can get heated seats and a heated steering wheel to aid comfort but a true luxury vehicle like this C300 goes beyond that. There are so many little details that’s around the car that makes it feel that much more special. Like these headlights, there’s absoulutly no neeed to display “LED HIGH PERFORMANCE” on it but it does. It’s all in the details.

_DSC8684I really apperciate Mercedes Benz for allowing me to drive this vehicle in the past week. It was a memorable exprience simply because it’s just so well put together and all the little details that makes it stand out.