Revscene has challenged some local clubs to donate to some good causes throughout 2013. These other clubs, some big, some small, said “Hell Yeah” and got on board. The spirit of competition will do a lot of good this year and its all for fun

We’ll be donating to Canada Blood Services to keep their reserve supply of blood high and to Vancouver Food Bank to keep their shelves stocked. Both of these organizations have a real need for donations year round and we want to use Revscene’s numbers and generosity to fill that need.

Beginning January 1st and running until December 31st we’ll be asking our members to make donations to both of these organizations on Revscene’s behalf. Quarterly we’ll tell you where we are with respect to our donation numbers and compare these numbers with other clubs.
At the end of the year we’ll see who donated the most and they get the bragging rights for the drive.,br. Revscene may be big but other clubs have just as much heart and can organize their own members just as well. Its important to us (and to the people who need these services) to do all that we can

Beginning this spring when our st0ck & n00b meet series begins, and with our official meets, we’ll be collecting non-perishable food items to donate to the Food Bank. You can also donate cash to the food bank and they can buy $3 worth of food for every $1 donated. We’ll also be organizing group donation days for us to visit a blood donation center. You can also donate on your own time as well by just giving the following information when you donate:


Vancouver Food Bank:
Canadian Blood Services Partner ID: REVS008555 (those are zeros)


Discussion thread is here:
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