Minivans have been nothing more than your average soccer mom vehicles, but a few years ago Toyota tried to change this with the introduction with the Sienna SE and the name “Swaggerwagon”. Sporty minivans are nothing new back in 95′ Dodge created the Caravan sport model with oversized fog lights and a neat little spoiler out back, and things haven’t changed much since then, however, current owners want a bit more out of their vans. Most of the owners from Vankulture Canada has kids and were looking for a practical way to move their family around, splitting the decision between 7 passenger SUVs and Vans were easy. Most SUVs that can carry 7 has a cramped third row while vans offer excellent legroom for all.



In Canada, Vankulture is new and it started about two years ago in 2014 with Adriano and Felix the owners of the Sienna and Quest. They both had a growing family and needed something to transport while still unique and cool. With background on modified cars they wanted something that can stand out but also wife approved and practical and since then they have managed to collect a few new members and make a name for themselves and even manage to get Top 100 at last year’s Stancewars.



Some highlights, out of five four vans are bagged with custom air suspension different companies. The tanks and pumps are placed in either spare tire well or unused space so that passenger capacity is not affected. Felix’s Quest has a full Elgrand conversion up front and the rear will be done soon and since parts are hard to find there’s a custom rear lip from a Sienna. Mainthan’s Sienna is running a set of Vossen wheels which are from the originator of Vankulture in California. Lastly, Adriano tells us his kids absolutely loves riding in the van because of the pressure release valve sound.



It’s always nice to meet local groups with a passion for automotive modifications no matter the type of vehicle it may be. Vans might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s obvious the owners here have the love for their vehicles. Thank you for taking time out of your day from your family to meet up and take some photos and have a chat.




Thank you to the owners:
Adriano – Toyota Sienna
Felix – Nissan Quest (Elgrand conversion)
Dovid – Honda Odyssey
Mainthan – Toyota Sienna
Ben – Mazda 5
John & Cindy – Mazda 5

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Words and Photos by Jimmy Mak
Instagram: @Aznboi128, @Revscene


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