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fijian thug 12-23-2003 02:31 PM

ahhhhhhh, lol, good question

when wuz ur fav xmas?

EuroTRASH 12-23-2003 02:45 PM

iono last year?

who thinks keeping this christmas oriented is stupid?

kash.021 12-23-2003 03:01 PM

me, all of us dont celebrate x mas

what else do you celebrate?

Initial Kei 12-23-2003 03:04 PM

Going clubbing, drinking with friends till we all get drunk and have one great sex b4 i past out with some hot chicks. I think i will do just that tmr

What present do u guys/girls wish to recieve the most? Don't tell me is a dildo.

fijian thug 12-23-2003 03:36 PM

a banana republic whool jactet:D

wut the best gift ur giving to someone this yr?

pho nam 12-23-2003 05:02 PM

my love HAHA


what do you think of homosexuals?

_inwonderland 12-23-2003 05:05 PM

Nothing wrong with homosexuals

What did you do today?

fijian thug 12-23-2003 05:40 PM

talked to my gf:D

do u like homo's?

unit 12-23-2003 06:43 PM

not in my pants

whats the fastest you've ever driven and where

!SG 12-23-2003 06:47 PM


Originally posted by unit03
not in my pants

whats the fastest you've ever driven and where

232 km/h ish, hit fuel cut. driving in the states...

i was young, and impulsive... everything looks startrek at the speed. =/

worse job ever?

fijian thug 12-23-2003 09:49 PM

ummm, workin for my uncle, plumbing, sucks ass workin for him, fat fuck

do u sing xmas songs?

Selihm 12-23-2003 09:55 PM


Originally posted by fijian thug
ummm, workin for my uncle, plumbing, sucks ass workin for him, fat fuck

do u sing xmas songs?

only during Christmas.

what food are you craving for this Christmas?

Edison_Chen 12-23-2003 10:21 PM

Turkey i guess........

Where are you goin to go first on Boxing Day?

_inwonderland 12-23-2003 11:10 PM

Robson, don't know or care which store first since I don't need to buy anything...but might be Comor...

Do you always eat turkey during Christmas?

adambomb 12-24-2003 12:28 AM

No. Different every year.

When you serve you cut the entire bird at the dinner table or do you slice in up in the kitchen and seperate the meat, then serve on a plate?

_inwonderland 12-24-2003 12:57 AM

Slice and dice it up in the kitchen, separate the meat, and then serve it on a plate :p

Are you even going shopping on boxing day?

Initial Kei 12-24-2003 01:57 AM

no, cuz there will be a fucking long ass line up.

Who here is going to get laid tmr night on christmas eve?

avu 12-24-2003 07:21 PM

tommorow would be chiristmas. Not christmas eve. Today is christmas eve.
And i will be. Already got min on x-mas eve and will do again tommorw.

what store are u heading to first on boxing day?

_inwonderland 12-24-2003 07:31 PM

Ugh, some store my parents want to go to :p...I don't know what it's called but it's besides the dollar store at Metro, that art & furniture store...

Did you open presents already?

jakobi 12-25-2003 10:11 AM


would be rather look rich but poor or
look poor but rich????

1z-0n-m3h 12-25-2003 10:26 AM

look poor but rich

so whut did you get for christmas?

_inwonderland 12-25-2003 11:40 AM

Slippers, chocolate, pillow, and money...

What was your best present this year?

Ulic Qel-Droma 12-25-2003 01:03 PM


why are you awake so early

Richmond69er 12-25-2003 01:06 PM

i cant sleep..its much to loud in the house now.

whats the worst gift you recieved this year?

fijian thug 12-25-2003 01:11 PM


spit of swallow?

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