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mmmk 02-13-2009 01:02 AM

CLK lug bolts
Has anyone put aftermarket rims on their CLK with the stock lug bolts?

After I put it the new wheels on, the E-brakes wouldn't release. Then I took off the lug bolts and rear wheels...put the stock wheels back on. Now the rear makes a clicking noise (from the hub area, both rear driver and rear passenger side).

Anyone have experience with this? BTW it's a 04 CLK 500

mmmk 02-13-2009 01:12 AM

I think it's the e brake pin (been reading on other forums)...not sure on the price to replace it. Waiting for MB to analyze the problem, but they estimated to fix it was $600 (without knowing the issue...LOL)

SORA'T 02-16-2009 08:06 AM

i have done lots of mercedes wheels and here is the problem, MB uses discs in the front (obvious) and both Discs and Drum for the rear setup, discs for normal breaking and the drum setup for the Emergency break, when you put after market wheels on the mercedes you must change your bolts as well. the original mercedes wheels need very long bolts since the seat of the bolt is closer to the face of the wheel than aftermarket wheels. and when you use anything long or the original hardware the bolts will go into the E-break setup in the back and will damage parts when the wheel is span or if out of your luck when you were tightening it, it happened to be touching a sensitive part.

you need to buy .9" long 12 x 1.5" bolts to make after market wheels fit on merceds, and never use original hardware, since 1. they are ball seat, 2. there is a long threadless part on them so you might only be actually grabbing onto 2 turns even if you are all the way down

my thought is that because you didn't drive on them there shouldn't be much damage, and if merceds tries to replace the whole thing get a second opinion, ti's nothing special, any mechanic will be able to diagnose a drum problem

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