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CaptFiero 07-23-2009 11:02 PM

Inverter 12v to 110v 1.5kw.
I had this topic a year ago and could not find it again, but I did not include a quick Dual bat system to go along with it.

I have a 75w inverter, that plugs into the lighter with 1 port, a 350w that should be hooked direct to the battery but will run at a reduced rate when plugged into the lighter socket. Now I have a big dawg,

It runs up to 1.5 KW peak, and and 750 watt continuous. That should be good enough to power a small 110v electric compressor. and a 2gallon tank. Or at the least fire my Duwalt electric impact gun.

I am a little worried if I try to pull 1.5kw what if any issues could be created with the cars electrical system, it will be mounted direct to the battery inside the front compartment. Is the battery gonna go, Oh F*0K, is the alternator gonna scream in pain. I know if I run it at max duty, it'll probably drain the car battery in short order, but the car running can I can get enough amps out of my 100amp alternator. I am going to need to charge 2-3 laptops and a Projector (for posting movies on a white sheet, (camping)

I am thinking about grabbing a spare battery rigging up a quick down and dirty double battery setup. Simply put 2nd battery in trunk, running then parallel by using the top terminal of my main battery run and run two 3 ougt cables to the 2nd battery. Alternator will have a bit of strain but should get me through the weekend. I'll also be bringing 2 jumper boxes for emergency.

If I decide to install the 2nd battery long term, It will end up with relay closed system, So the battery can always charge, however the 2nd battery will have a relay to engage it only when the "crank" wire is powered up ensuring the car will always start.

Just to make it clear, I am doing it the cable to cable way for this weekend, then Will change it to properly installed dual battery solutions at a later. (battery isolator, larger double stud battery joints and replace all the lines with Ought 3 cables.

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