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AppleSugary 11-17-2009 10:26 PM

Beijing in December
So I am planning to go to Beijing for the first time on December 5 to January 5 with one stop over in Hong Kong for one week. I have two friends who moved to Beijing for work and they are staying there until April only. So I am taking the opportunity to explore Beijing and have fun with my friends (or at least see the real Beijing lifestyle). Can I really explore Beijing in December?

Any input about Beijing in December?
Is it a good idea to travel during this time? I heard it is really, really, really cold (-20). But how bad it is in reality? Vancouver can get really cold(-13) and I do not find it bad.

I mean what are the advantages and disadvantages of going to Beijing this December?

Any input about Beijing in December would be really, really great!

I think for now it is the perfect timing since friends live there for now.

Is it an expensive city?

AppleSugary 11-17-2009 10:42 PM

Any reality on this?

December Packing Suggestions:

Layers are essential for packing in winter weather.
•North: it will be cold during the day and below freezing at night. You'll probably be thankful if you bring along a light pair of long underwear, a fleece and a wind-proof or down jacket.
•Central: it will be quite chilly during the day and cooler at night, but rarely freezing. A heavy base layer (e.g. jeans, boots and sweaters) along with a rain/wind-proof jacket will be enough.
•South: it will still be relatively warm. Late fall dressing is fine but bring something lightweight for the occasional cool evening and rainy day.
Visiting China in December - Pros:
•There aren't any national holidays in December and people are working hard leading up to Chinese New Year (Jan/Feb) so China's top attractions won't be as crowded as in peak times.
•Dry weather in Beijing and the rest of northern China makes for cold, but almost-guaranteed dry sight-seeing.
•Mild weather in central and south China is comfortable for sight-seeing and touring.
Visiting China in December - Cons:

It's cold! Cold but dry in the north, cold and damp across central China.

NimbeeTT 11-17-2009 11:14 PM

Def prepare long underwear, and more than one pair lol
I grew up there, and left when i was 5. After that haven't spend a single winter there except for two years ago, went in dec/jan for two weeks and it was freeeezing! I was just wearing jeans like I would do here and i could feel my jeans stiffing up like cardboard hen im just walking across the street to the grocery store, chills!

Chapsticks are needed, it's so freaking dry, especially with the heater indoors. Lack of moisture in air + heat = lots and lots of static
At least the tourists sites like the palaces are really pretty in the snow :D

Hong Kong on the other hand is perfect in dec, it's like here but much better!

Have fun!

SuperSlowSS 11-17-2009 11:20 PM

yeah.. really really really fucking cold. I did a stop over back in 2005.. also dec.
I went out with jacket, sweater and jeans. Within 5 mins, I wished that I never went outside and turned around.

Basically, you will need shit to cover everything when outside. ear muffs, scarf, long john, etc. If you look at people who live in beijing, you will notice that alot of them wear long puffy jackets that can cover most of their leg. Because it is that cold.

Only advantages would be to see summer palace frozen. But it is beautiful in summer too. Oh less people. And no it isn't expensive city.

miss_crayon 11-18-2009 05:54 PM

went in 2008 for a 5 day tour with the fams. WORST ever. it was SO cold and no matter how much i layered still felt like i wasn't wearing enough. the air is so crisp and dry that your skin feels gross and be prepared to suffer from nosebleeds.

i didn't think it was that fun to be quite honest but then again I wasn't with friends. i think you'll have more fun only because you got people to hang out with and to show you around the more "hip-young adults" places.

bcrdukes 11-18-2009 06:23 PM


My coworker is there now (It's November) and he's freezing his ass off. He said to me over the phone, "This is by far, the worst trip and biggest shit hole I've ever been to in my entire life."

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