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$_$ 12-02-2009 01:05 PM

Birthday dinner recipes!
So I'm making a birthday dinner for the GF this weekend, and I want some advice/recipes that people might have for me! I'm totally not a chef type kind of guy, so I may need a lil more help than normal. I was thinking candlelight dinner with a western style cuisine(maybe fusion?). Something that comes with a 4-5 set course, what do you guys think? I know i'm going to make some steak, and a cream of corn soup(she loves that), and a filet fish. What kind of appetizers, deserts, will go well with this ? any ideas or recipes will be greatly apprecaited!

hamsup 12-03-2009 11:03 AM

if you can't cook.. keep things simple..

appy could easily be bread served along side some balsamic and olive oil or you could make brushettta..

let the ingredients speak for themselves if you can't cook =D

Dessert.. you can bake cookies ahead of time.. reheat them.. and add a scoop of icecream...

Again.. if you can't cook.. try to prep far in advance =D hahaa

[jsx] sky 12-03-2009 11:39 AM

You can also buy cooked shrimp and cocktail sauce to make a easy shrimp cocktail.
boiling lobster and serving it with melted butter can't go wrong.
Good luck

mazdaboi 12-03-2009 04:19 PM

Here's a good recipe site

But yeah.... keep it simple. Maybe a nice roast?

Or a good one my gf makes me is you get parchment paper and put any white fish in there with butter, asparagus, and some herbs (check to see what herbs go best with the fish you choose). But try and find a recipe to make your life easier.

Vansterdam 12-03-2009 08:43 PM

my birthday always consist of the same shit

home made fried rice + spring rolls... and sometimes pho

good times

Ronin 12-03-2009 09:10 PM

How handy are you in the kitchen?

Cream of corn soup is easy although I probably wouldn't serve fish and steak at the same meal. Maybe a fish appetizer. Seared ahi tuna with a light salad as a starter is easy, delicious and impressive if you do it right. You just have to be willing to spend the money to get quality fish. Make sure you don't overcook it. A light sear on each side and leave it rare in the middle.

A grilled or pan seared rib-eye steak is a good idea. Again, quality ingredients is key. Let me know what you decide for a steak and I'll give you tips from there. Go with something with some fat content. It's harder to make leaner steaks flavorful without a ton of work.

Dessert? Chicks can't be without dessert and unfortunately, it's probably the hardest course to make. There are a lot of great quick recipes for dessert. What's she into? Chocolate? Caramel? Fruit?

That's four courses.

le_dakine 12-14-2009 11:41 PM

ah, sometimes girls tend to like fish a bit better because its healthier or something silly like that. you can poach some hailbut in herbed olive oil(about 8-10 mins in 200F oil), and plate it with some wild mushrooms and puy lentils, and just make nice simple yet rich sauce to go along with the fish, a lean fish like halibut could pair well with some chunky chirzo. Make sure you get some colors on the plate.

4-5 course, how bout a salad? buy 2 big ass scallops (probably set you back... 3 bucks?) and just salt, pepper, sear on one side until theres a nice crust, toss some salad mix in a vinigrette or some sort, throw some orange wedges on it, and then slice your scallop in half and put it in the middle of the plate. super super easy.

for dessert, make a panna cotta, that shit is just milk jello, its crazy simple, and take some raspberries, boil it with sugar, seive it, and use it as a sauce for the panna cotta, girls for nuts for that shit, and its simple as hell too.

Soup, Salad, Main, Dessert, Coitus.

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