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Spidey 10-20-2010 07:16 PM

car shakes in first gear
I am not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but if it is not, then please move.

I have an issue with my car shaking in first gear. I have searched and even googled and have not found an answer. The thing is, this ONLY HAPPENS when it is cold outside.. ie. right now when it is abotu 10 or below. In the summer and spring this never happens.. not even in the rain.

I noticed this last winter but assumed it was my shitty stock tires that are 3.5 years old. My car is an 07 civic lx completely stock with only 60k on it.

tread on my tiers is about 30% (all season)

So here is the deal. When i go into first it shakes and initially thought it was the tires not grabbing causing the stuttering. obviously the harder i gased when the shaking ocurred, it got worse. The slower i rev and release the clutch this helps a lot and even makes the issue dissapear. When i start in 2nd gear from a stop, this eliminates the problem as well.

here is another thing that baffles me; when i am in my parkade whether my car is warmed up or cold, this does not happen.. even if i tried to replicate it in my parkade, nothing!

So is this an issue with my tires, or possibly my motor/tranny mounts? I really doubt my mounts would go bad so quickly. Also, could the traction have anything to do with the shaking? my parkade is smooth concrete where outside is pavement. the thing that really gets me is that , if it were mounts, would temperature be a factor(ie this not happening in the summer/spring, but only in the fall/winter).


also wanted to note that the car does not shake throughout all of first gear, but the intial stop to car... after a short bit itll smooth out.. almost feels as if the tires start picking up traction properly.. that is why i thought the tires were the culprit at first (and still could be)

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