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valent|n0 08-29-2012 08:17 AM

Buying oil from oil change place
I just had a thought buying oil from places that do oil change. or other places that has drums of oil for car service and such.

you know from the drum and you just bring your own container ..

I am just wondering if any had done this?
I am wondering if it would be cheaper than walmart


I am so cheap :)
but hey maybe RS can do a group buy and share

any one know how much cheaper is it if you buy those commercial drum of oil?

godwin 08-29-2012 10:22 AM

Koons used to do it with the Lubro Moly many many years ago.

An oil barrel holds about 150L, that's probably 20-30 oil changes. You can probably get a barrel from MRSmith

Make sure you have a way to unload it though.. it will be a few tons.

narfy 08-29-2012 11:31 AM

just buy a barrel of oil... they come in 20L pails, 60L keg, or 200L barrels...

valent|n0 08-29-2012 01:03 PM

I am not talking about buying the oil drum
I am talking about
car shop or oil change place that has oil in the drum
can we go to them , bring our 5 quart container and buy from those shop

midas, great canadian oil change , ect ..

it would be cool if those places can pass on the saving :concentrate:

bcrdukes 08-29-2012 01:23 PM

There isn't much of a savings to be honest because they will maintain the markup.

I bought some Motul 5W40 from Blitzkrieg Autowereks for $11/L.

narfy 08-29-2012 08:07 PM

i wouldn't pump bulk oil out of my shop and sell it to you for reduced pricing... it'd be cheaper than buying them by the litre, but i dunno if it'd be worth the hassle... u'd maybe save $0.50 per litre...

Neva 08-29-2012 10:13 PM

Oil changes are really done at cost from what I gathered from working at pennzoil, fountain tire and midas. Revenue from oil change places come from the add-on sales (air filters, flushes, etc.) and in real shops oil changes are the gateways to more expensive services (ie while I was changing your oil I noticed some leaky such and such). That and volume of sales.

Not worth you time to try and source it out like that. Just find someone that works in a shop that can nab you some free oil from time to time if you're really that hard up for cash.

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