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CaptFiero 11-25-2012 04:05 AM

Bench Testing Program
Ok I have several old DOS programs that actually do work.

I even have dyno 2003
and Drag 2000

However my car is freaking out of the box, I am looking for a better program that will help me set it up.

Best tire hight, best shift points.

I would like to build the engine in the program with its specific power curve to give the simulation of what it will do in the quarter. Those stupid charts out there that have you enter your weight and HP to get an ET are a joke. They don't factor tires / wheel spin trans or any of the million things out there.

If you have a suggestion for car simulation programs that allow you to properly build and see what should be done to get the max out of the car.

Car Specs is a stripped down 87 Fiero to 2700 lbs
5spd Getrag Trans axle, rear wheel drive
Front Mount Battery
4.9 V8 Fuel Injected from a 94 Cadillac
300crank hp and 410lbs of Torque at the crank.
100hp NOS shot to make it 400hp and 550lbs of torque

It goes like a raped ape, killing just about any blow cobra on the street, mainly due to traction, I can launch on the street as hard as he can with slicks at the track. (mid engine rocks) The Turbo AWD guys are a bit more of a challenge unless they need time to build there turbo, in that case I get a few lengths on them and I pray its a short race or they kill me. My Fiero should run in the 12's but have not taken it to the track yet. So who really knows what it run it may turn a slow 13 second pass, but frankly that will be pretty good.

NOW back to the program, I want to be able to plug dyno into into it and have it help me setup the car to maximize tires and shift points and other stuff.

Thanks in advance Capt Fiero.

?uestlove 12-04-2012 09:06 PM

that is a bad ass fiero. 2700lbs, V8, mid engine rwd. jesus.

Prolowtone 12-05-2012 12:21 AM

No info to help you but that sounds like a fun car :woot2:

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