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a00755836 03-16-2013 04:27 PM

progress lowering springs and rear sway bar review
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few months ago, i bought progress lowering springs for only $100. they were old inventory from a small shop. i was a student so i didn't have much money, and $100 new springs was a deal i could not refuse. these were installed with old stock shocks on corolla xrs. last week, i bought a progress rear sway bar. i will write this in the next post.

first impressions: sorry no springs pics. these were first gen progress springs so they came in a teal colour. now its a dark grey colour. i like it when springs come in a different colour other than oem black. however, there are no instructions that came with the box. so had to search up online for diy. there were two decals included.

drop: it states around 1.8f/1.7r inch. on my xrs, the stock height already 0.5 inch lower than ce,le,&s trim. so it should give me around a 1.3in drop. after the install for me, it was lower than i expected. i didnt measure but very satisfied with the drop. i would say it's as low as s-techs.

ride: as the brand name suggests, all four springs are progressive, which means they are designed for more ride comfort. the ride isnt bad at all. on rougher roads and potholes, there are more suspension noises and thumps. over speed bumps, its the typical lowering springs 'feel' without spring hitting each other. some other spring companies have silencer rubbers inserted to prevent that.

handling: quite disappointed. but it could be my high mileage oem shocks. im still under 100000kms, but they are like 7 years old. as you know, corollas have massive body roll, even my xrs model. if you turn hard enough, you do notice the progressive springs start to work. they will limit the amount of body roll. but it is still way too much.

conclusion: if you want lowering springs which gives you a great ride, then get progress springs. if you want more for handling than ride quality, look for linear springs brands. since im more of a spirited driver, im just waiting for my shocks to blow so i can buy $1k ksport coilovers. thanks everyone for reading!

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a00755836 03-16-2013 04:41 PM

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last week, i bought a progress rear sway bar. it was $160 on ebay. the progress brand is popular for their thicker and stiffer anti roll bars. reading many reviews on forums, the rear sway bar on a front wheel drive car makes a difference in handling. it will eliminate much understeer. the oem bar is 20mm i think. this sway bar is 24mm. after installing, i went for a test drive.

there is no difference in terms of body roll or handling. i tried to feel something by turning left, and then turning more left to feel it there is any understeer. i think theres just a bit less understeer. it could be my old shocks. or also, it could be my winter tires (michelin xice2) which are terrible for handling.

but i did notice something significant. my braking feels grabbier. i have more confidence in braking performance now that i never had. it felt like brake fluid has been changed. again, thanks for reading this review. i hope this helps to consider any parts buying or not buying.

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Nicotine 03-24-2013 10:26 PM

congrats on your springs...
it seems like your trying to start a build thread here. its not the right place.
once u hit 100 posts you can acces members journals and start one there as well as see others.
good luck on those coils too.

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