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tooblahlol 04-23-2013 09:44 AM

b18c1 ek civic boggy around 2-3k rpm. help diagnose.
1997 ek hatchback with a 99 gsr engine obd2 p72 ecu

Issue: very boggy and hesitant around 2-3k rpms

Replaced map sensor, fuel filter, and tps sensor, checked voltages to the 3 tps wires. Replaced spark plugs, distributor cap, wires.

-only CEL codes for evap emissions

-losing coolant, possibly burning. about 0.5-1.0L every 350k ish. weird thing is I pressure tested it about 2 weeks ago and the cooling system held the pressure.

FN-2199 04-23-2013 10:30 AM

Possible bad fuel pump? Clean your IACV? Is it hesitant under heavy load?
1L every 350km is quite a bit. Sometimes compression tests don't discover super tiny leaks in the rad. If it's actually burning, have a look at your head gaskets.

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