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meme405 07-11-2013 09:22 PM

kidney for a corolla?


For Swap: a Toyota Corolla for a Kidney

July 11, 2013 pinkstones
Note: This is a something that you don’t hear every day. It is a very unique and heart-warming story which is worth taking a moment to share.

Toyota enthusiast Benjamin Fernandez, pictured below, owns a classic Toyota Corolla AE71, an ancestor to the new Toyota GT86. This car has been his pride and joy and he has spent years working on it to transform it from a wasted ‘beaten’ state, to the current glossy show standard you see now. His plan was to eventually give the car to his young boy so he has a car when he goes to high school. To Benjamin and to his family, the car means a lot. However, last night on Facebook, a post was put up publicly announcing that he is willing to let the car go – for a kidney! Read on for the full story.

Ben and his Corolla

Benjamin Fernandez works as a Hospice Nurse and loves working with/helping the terminally ill patients. He is just 37 years old, has a wife and a cute 2 1/2 year old boy named Wayne, but they prefer to call him Weber now, after the famous carburetor. Every morning Weber sits in the driver seat of Benjamin’s Corolla and enjoys pretending to drive for a couple of hours before breakfast!

Family Photo

Benjamin had purchased the classic Toyota back in 2008 from his gardener who turned up in it for work one day, as his truck had broken down. The car was in clear need of some TLC as it was in a poor condition, had faded silver paint and rotten interior. Seeing the potential it had, Benjamin offered to buy it off him. After a lot of hard work and dedication, here it is looking as good as new!

Corolla exterior 1

Corolla Interior 1

Corolla Interior 2

Corolla Exterior 2

To regain the car’s former glory, parts were ordered from the Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia and Europe! He also had help from Racetoys of Walnut Ca with the engine and PJ Bonifacio Auto Design for the paint.

Being a rare car and having undergone a brilliant transformation, a number of magazines featured the car and it also won various awards including:

2009 Best Old School Corolla (Toyotafest)
2010 Featured in November Superstreet Magazine
2010 Spocom Best Old School (Japanese Category)
2011 Best Old School Corolla (Japanese Classic Car Show)
2011 Featured in Retro Cars Magazine United Kingdom
2012 Best Old School (Best of the West)
2012 2nd Best Old school Corolla (JCCS)
2012 Featured in
2012 Featured in
2012 Slammed Society Best of Show
2012 Featured in
2013 Featured in May Tuning Magazine Hungary Europe

Below are a few scans of one of the published articles:

magazine scan 1
magazine scan 2
magazine scan 3

As a motoring enthusiast, Benjamin has proudly taken his Corolla to various car shows and track days. Here are a few photographs:

Corolla at trackday

Corolla on track


Sadly, Benjamin has been in need of a new kidney and on a waiting list since 2011. Currently on dialysis, it is exhausting for Benjamin and he really needs to get a new kidney so he can enjoy being with his family. He is particularly looking forward to the day he can build Toyota cars with Weber!

Therefore, if a motoring enthusiast is able to help him out with a new kidney then he would like to offer them his beloved car in return.
Car’s Details:
1983 Toyota Corolla AE71
20 Valve 4AG (Built and tuned by Race Toys)
Race suspension
PL Bonifacio custom paint
(Full engine specification detailed at the bottom of this post)
For Trade to:
Someone who has, and is willing to give, a type AB kidney.
If you can’t help with the kidneys directly but would still like to do something….

1) The first way to help is to share his story – the more people that see it, the more chances there are that someone who can help will get in touch with him.

2) A second way to help is to buy a fundraising t-shirt, pictured below, on sale from one of Benjamin’s friends in the USA. The total cost including delivery is $43.95 which works out as approx 29. (There may be a tax to pay once it gets to the UK)

charity t-shirt
For anyone interested in helping Benjamin directly you can reach him on the following email address:
bcvf5 @
For anyone interested in buying a fundraiser t-shirt to help him, please check back here later as we’re due to be sent the link to buy them from.
From Benjamin to anyone willing to help,
“Thank you so much. Me, my wife and son would really appreciate it….”
Corolla Engine 1
Engine image 2
Full engine specification of the AE71:
4AGE 20 Valve Blacktop
A/C Converted to R134
Stinger Engine Management
Toda Cams 272′s In/Ex
Toda Cam Gears
Toda Flywheel
Racetoys Custom Velocity Stacks
Racetoys Custom High rise headers and Exhaust
Subaru Oil Cooler
Greddy Catch Can
ACT stage 3 Clutch
Mishimoto Racing Aluminum Radiators with Twin Auxiliary Fans
Megan Racing Coilovers with Adjustable Dampers for AE86
T50 Transmission
GTS Front/Rear Disk Breaks
New Black Interior
Custom 918 Orange Paint (PJ Bonifacio Auto Design)
Flared Fenders
Custom Lip
AE86 Coupe Rear Foha Spoilers
JDM chrome bumpers
Hella Fog Light bar Set up
ATS 13X8 -13
wow. hope somebody gives him a kidney and lets him keep his car.

snails 07-11-2013 09:24 PM

next time copy the article in your post so when the link stops working "like it did" your post wont become useless

meme405 07-11-2013 09:50 PM


Originally Posted by snails (Post 8279519)
next time copy the article in your post so when the link stops working "like it did" your post wont become useless

fixed. kinda...

320icar 07-11-2013 10:46 PM

So, what is his car worth vs. the average healthy kidney?
Posted via RS Mobile

fliptuner 07-11-2013 11:37 PM



Im willing to give one for the cause to help a filipino brother as long as were d same. Im cool

Shit if I’m a match you can have my kidney and keep your car. Just email with what I need to do to find out.

i’ll donate a kidney and you can keep the car

I just read the thread. I would love to help out and donate my kidney to you brother. Email me at a handful more

Presto 07-12-2013 01:14 PM

I thought this thread was going to be about putting a BMW kidney grill on a Corolla.

snails 07-12-2013 01:19 PM

wow cant believe people are willing to offer body parts to this guy.. literally! just so he can keep his car.. faith in humanity restored!

wonder how different the story would be if it was about a civic..


why does no one like civics! :alone:

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