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TheMann 04-22-2015 03:41 AM

2004 Celica GTS tsunami edition
I bought this car about two week ago from an old friend of mine, before he sold it to me he pointed out that one of the boots covering the cv joint was leaking. Since I was in town for a short period of time, I didn't really think to much of it, and drove it back home. I decided that I needed to get it fixed, so in my ignorant mind I thought that It didn't really matter which shop I went to, because their all properly certified right? Was I ever wrong. I got the entire cv joint replaced, as it was cheaper than getting just the boots redone. They charged me about 700$ in total. Later that day, I began to notice a slight vibration coming from what seemed liked the entire car, assuming it was just the crappy roads I thought nothing of it. Over the next couple days this symptom began to worsen, which inclined me to bring it back to the shop and get it checked out. After waiting around an hour for him to screw around with it, he said "I checked all the work I did last time, and it is still in good standing. There shouldn't be anything wrong. Although we lifted it up in the air, and rotated the wheels a bit, and we noticed a slight wobble in the right wheel. Probably from a pothole or something." This rather pissed me off because he used my driving as a scapegoat for his faulty practices. To serve as context this car is lowered, so if I were to hit a pothole (which I avoid like the plague), it would have taken off my bumper as well. This was like 3 or 4 days ago, and its still getting worse. I can't accelerate quickly without it lurching uncontrollably and spilling my coffee. So I am forced to drive it like a fucking corolla. Anybody have any ideas on how to fix this issue?

320icar 04-22-2015 03:44 AM

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BoostedBB6 04-22-2015 07:33 AM

Take it to another shop, have them inspect the work. Its a cv axle, there not hard to change and there is not much that can go wrong with them other than the cv joint going bad and that is easy to tell.

MuranoGO-15 12-11-2015 05:44 PM

Maybe your wheels balancing weights fell off and you just need to check and rebalance your wheels. Plus also seeing that your lowered alot, the previous owner might never have done a proper alignment on the car. Also I would check the wheel bearings and make sure things like the tierods aren't an issue.

DSM 99 12-12-2015 11:25 AM

If he replaced the CV axle all together and you still have a vibration then there is a slim chance it would still be the culprit, is your trans Auto ?. If you and the mechanic took alook at the wheels and there was a "wobble" in the wheel maybe it was the previous owner who hit a pot hole , pot holes dont have to be deep to do damage if you have an alloy wheel installed with low pro tires. that being said he should have done a complete front end inspection on your second visit and or road test with you to try and duplicate the issue.

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