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fliptuner 11-15-2015 05:04 PM

B20B4 in EG
The D series in my EG runs fine, I just want more torque for daily use. I pulled a B20B4 from a '98 CRV with around 150k. I don't plan on swapping to a VTEC head.

At my disposal I have a complete OBD1, B18B1 and B16A3 (incl. trans, axles, accessories, IM, dist., wiring, mounts, ecu, shift rods, everything). The head on the B16 needs a rebuild due to a thrown timing belt though.

I just want to confirm this parts list:

1. b20b4 longblock
2. LS intake manifold with fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator
3. LS throttle cable
4. LS distributor
5. LS throttle body with FITV
7. D series IAT sensor
8. Any B series header
9. B16/18 transmission LS/GSR/SI/ITR
10. B16/18 clutch/flywheel
11. B16/18 drive shafts
12. B16/18 T-bracket
13. B16/18 transmission front mount
14. 97-00 B20 AC bracket with tensor pulley (require for a working A/C)
15. B16/18 power steering pump
16. B16/16 shift rods

ECU - I've read that the stock P75 (LS) ECU will work fine and can be chipped/tuned after. Is this true?

Injectors - Which injectors should I use?

Harness - Are the B16/18 engine harnesses the same, except for the VTEC wires?

Alternator and accessory drive - Use the B16/18 alt. and brackets? B16/18 crank pulley to retain stock belt lengths?

Transmission - The S21 off the B16 seems to have better gearing (maybe with the exception of 5th). I generally don't drive over 140km/h anyways. Would this be preferable over the LS tranny? (no, I'm not planning on swapping 5th gear)

Right now I'm just about to degrease the engine before replacing all the seals, gaskets, crank bolt/key, timing belt/tensioner and waterpump. I just want to get all my ducks in a row so I don't have to figure things out when it's already in the car.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


originalhypa 11-16-2015 09:01 AM

It's been a while since I've done this, but the B20 swap into my old DC chassis was a great swap for daily driving. We went with a jdm GSR tranny with a factory lsd. It was a tight ratio, and while first was a bit short with the higher torque output, it worked well for what we wanted to do. The car got up to highway speeds quickly, although it would never be an autobahn killer.

I remember using the P75 and chipping it for Hondata. Granted, that was back in the emulator days. I'm sure things have changed since then, but the more common North American ecu's were supported by Hondata. Injectors were standard 273cc GSR type injectors chosen because they matched the harness. I used the GSR harness too, and just taped off the VTEC wires in case the new owner wanted to go B20/VTEC one day.

hmmm, what else.......

We changed the big honking B20 mani for a b16 unit.
We fudged together the throttle linkage starting with LS and b16 bits.

I don't remember changing the distributor, but again it's been a long time so I may have simply forgotten what we had originally used.

The b20 is a great motor and a good swap into the eg. Hope this helps a bit.


eg_type_r93 03-26-2016 08:36 PM

I used the p75 just added a adjustable fuel pressure regulator and a a/f meter.

you! 03-28-2016 09:55 PM

15 - ur d series ps pump will work for the b setup, ive done it before there's just more tension on the belt

ecu - yes p75 can be easily chipped

injector - stock ls injectors work fine with the b20

harness - only 2 kinds of b series harness, vtec and non vtec, the plugs/pigtails differ for obd1 vs obd 2 but u can easily splice to the one u need

alternator and crank pulley - any b series will work, if u have the b16 available then use that for lightweight purposes but if you will supercharge then a bigger pulley works best for more boost (b20 pulley)

tranny - u will hate the b16 tranny if you do plenty of hw driving, however it will really compliment the b20 torque from the get go. LS tranny is a disappointment lol u may as well just throw in an auto tranny instead

pm me if u want more info

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