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ZetoZ 10-11-2016 10:58 PM

Z32 carbon fiber/ body kit wish list
I've done carbon work on the YF sonata (previous car) on the Audi RS7 (customer shop) and collaborated with some other shops ( won't discuss those details here) now I'm onto my next major project which is the z32, love the car but sad to see how all the kits available are outdated and rice so I wanna change that. So let me know what your wish list is.... I already got more than two dozen items in mind let's see if I'm missing something.......

This is some of my previous work:

So let's hear your wish list..... Because seeing how hurting my z looks like now I'm very eager to get started

invader 10-14-2016 01:18 PM

There are new up to date kits being manufactured. You just haven't done any research.

Do you even have a Z32?

Retrac 10-14-2016 03:32 PM

Arash 2.0?

invader 10-14-2016 03:49 PM


ZetoZ 10-16-2016 06:05 PM

I do have a z32, posted it before in another thread .... Unfortunately the previous owner riced it out with stillen front bumper, side skirts that look similar to invader kit and rear bumper overlay with I think is veilside....

Here is what it looks like "unfortunately"

Ironically invader I picked it up from surrey, 146a street.... If you think I don't have one them let's meet up, would love to meet with a fellow z owner.... Then you could maybe give me suggestions where to fix it besides by dan@zshop lol

And I did do searches, and last kit mfg was done in 05/06.... Seen ED their hood and twinZ their kit (which I only like their rear) =x

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