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Old 06-10-2024, 02:52 PM   #1226
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Originally Posted by EvoFire View Post
The fragment was left there by Children's Hospital when they operated on his cracked tooth. It was not done purposely and there was no xray done as it was supposed to be a straightfoward procedure despite being an emergency. My son didn't handle the oral sedative well and they had to rush through.
I feel like Children's should be taking care of the procedure, no? since they're the ones who caused the abscess?

Originally Posted by Liquid_o2 View Post
Twins hit 20 months and both are going through huge separation anxiety issues. They used to be able to play by themselves in their play area for 20 to 30 minutes at a time while we cooked or cleaned in the kitchen. Now they have huge tantrums as soon as we step away from them. They can see us in the kitchen (we have a safety gate separating the kitchen from the their play area), but are inconsolable as soon as we close the gate. We tried to wait them out on Saturday, but after 20 minutes of hysterics, we gave up.

Anyone have any tips? Or do we just wait out the phase?
At 20 months, I would say separation anxiety and tantrums are the norm. It's more developmental than anything. They're at a point where they know some language, but they can't articulate what they mean so they just go nuts. They are also becoming more aware of their surroundings, which is why they get the separation anxiety.

For us, this was the toughest age because we just couldn't communicate with our little guy effectively.

If you co-sleep, the separation anxiety is usually more apparent at this stage as well.
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Old 06-10-2024, 05:45 PM   #1227
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Originally Posted by PeanutButter View Post
I feel like Children's should be taking care of the procedure, no? since they're the ones who caused the abscess?
Was told that it was not an emergency and they won't operate on it. Dental is not a regular part of the services offered there. Last time they had to call a dentist in to do it.

I find it so dumb that dental is not part of MSP. It makes no sense.
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Old 06-13-2024, 08:14 AM   #1228
I *heart* very Muchie
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My son had the surgery yesterday and it was overall uneventful, it was scheduled for 9:15am.

They explained everything in detail, my wife held him while they inserted the IV needle. He has really high pain tolerance plus they had put on numbing cream so he just merely grimaced. They administered the anesthetic and he fell asleep in about 8 seconds.

So I know how the anesthetic works because I've had it given to me at 11 when I got appendicitis. They explaining it again before it happened. But the moment they actually do it, despite knowing everything and the timing and everything, it still made my heart jump to see him go limp and they laid him down on the operating table.

The surgery took just over an hour, they took a new xray to ensure they are operating on the newest info. The recommendation was 2 crowns over the two deep cavities and fillings for the rest of the teeth that had them, on top of the root extraction for the front upper tooth. They ended up not doing any crowns because it was not as bad as they had thought.
The explanation was that when the initial xrays were taken in the dental office, he was moving around which caused the xrays to show gaps or holes where there wasn't. Where they thought were deep cavities turned out wasn't so bad so they put in fillings instead.

The root they extracted was much bigger than I thought. I don't remember my baby teeth when they came out had such a large hidden piece. The root was gray though which meant it was dead and decaying. They cleaned out the infection and glued up his gum where they had made the cut.

The anesthesiologist did a good job and he woke up about 10 mins after the allotted surgery time. He was woosy as hell, the nurse suggested we put him to bed but once he got home he didn't sleep. By the afternoon he was running in the yard with his grandparents and trying to pick the ripe raspberries from our bush (gonna need to move it into the ground next season so it grows bigger for more berries)

He complained about discomfort and some pain around dinnertime as the pain medicine that was administered during the surgery wore off. We gave him Tynenol at dinner, and they Advil before bed and he didn't complain about pain again until this morning. He did wake at 5:30am which I think is due to being uncomfortable. The surgeon said he will feel some pain, unlikely due to the fillings but rather partly from the extraction, and partly from the anchors they put in his mouth to keep it open during the operation. I remember going to some dentists where they like to install this whole tent system in your mouth and I hated it.

The tooth fairy came last night and gave him a quarter for his root. I argued with the tooth fairy that he got a loonie for the same tooth 2 years ago already but she insisted. I guess the tooth fairy is just rich.

@Peanutbutter we specifically asked the surgeon about why there was a piece left. She said what probably happened was there was no cut to extract the tooth in the original operation, it was just a freeze and pull, and there was no desire to open him up at Children's when he was still flailing about. Just wasn't a safe thing to do. It was a calculated risk that paid off for two years until now when it got infected. It could have easily been fine for the rest of his baby teeth life and it would either be absorbed by the body or just pushed out when the adult teeth came in.

I don't wish for anything like this for any of your kids. But hey, some info if it ever happens would be helpful.

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