I’ve always wanted to try my hand at drifting. Problem was, until I’ve had some practice and instruction, it’s not something I would just ‘try’ on a regular track day. Other drivers aren’t expecting it and a spin or an off can suddenly cause a lot of interruption to others and take away their track time. There are no local tracks with full skidpad facilities near by and even if I took a driving school, the skidpad portion is only a small part of the day.

Lucky for me, my buddy Brody Goble is a local Formula D drift pro and invited me to one of his practice days and gave me a little bit of coaching in my GT4. It was an awesome learning experience and I had a lot of fun.

I put together the above video with some action shots and commentary post drive. Trying a different format for my video, but it was mostly motivated by the fact that I had zero mental capacity left over to talk while drifting at the same time. Normally I can go around a track at a pretty good clip and still have lots of brainpower left over to laugh and talk with you guys, but not this time. This one took every ounce of concentration I could muster to keep it together! It’s challenging but extremely rewarding when I got it right. I would like several sets of new tires and a lot more seat time. Somebody please find me a tire sponsor!

This video goes over all the things I learned and experienced and I am totally hooked. I have half a mind to get another car specifically for this purpose. I think either an E46 M3 manual coupe, or an E92 M3 manual coupe would be my weapons of choice. Long wheelbases, lots of power, great LSDs and they look good with the tail hanging out. Any other suggestions? I don’t think Porsches are typical drift cars.

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