Vancouver is a beautiful city with a great sense of community. No matter if it’s big or small there’s always a group of automotive enthusiast that continually gets together and chat. About a decade ago tens of thousands of users logged in to Revscene every hour and share their thoughts on anything. Nowadays a lot of newer enthusiast is on Facebook and other social media platforms, but the community is not dead. In fact, it’s far from, groups like Project604 is actively trying to bring the community together with weekly Facebook blasts to present what automotive events are happening each and every week.


To prove, we hosted a small meet to bring the community together. Admittedly it was really for the Civic Type-R owners to show meet however many others did come out to show their support. From Volvo V90 to a collector plated NSX it was just amazing to see how in a brief amount of time vehicles can bring so many together and show their support. There was even a Dragon edition Civic from the late 90s from a family of auto enthusiast.


A total of eleven Civic Type-Rs came and went that day, and there were even two Civic Hatchbacks with Type-R spoilers to play the part.


The Civics were the star of the show. However, this particular example of the famous NSX did attract a crowd. Next to it sat a right hand drive 4 door Integra Type-R which is an extremely rare site to see.


While the big spoiler and overfenders may be designed for young adults, there were some parents in the group. Rocking the baby on board sticker on the back, this father has never given up his dreams of owning one of the best handling vehicles on the road.


But not all Type-Rs are the same. This particular Type-R has been track prepared, the owner removed the rear seats, and its place fits a half-cage for better structural integrity and safety. The front seats have been replaced with a beautiful set of Recaro units allowing for better huggability during those high-G corners. But not all is done, it even sports an aggressive front lip spoiler to make the front-end more distinctive. With all these visual bits there are even some detailed upgrades that most may miss, behind the lovely set of Volk Racing ZE40 there are a set of upgraded two-piece rotors to help this beast stop on a dime.

_DSC8035With automakers making such awesome and exciting cars it’s great to see one simple vehicle can bring such a crowd.









I would like to thank Honda Canada for this opportunity to allow us to get together and show off our vehicles.
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