It seems that the provincial government has made a full turn on their thoughts of Uber. It wasn’t too long ago where BC government had strict laws in place to punish people who wanted to provide taxi-like services without the proper licenses… Luckily for us, they’ve made a big u-turn and are changing their thoughts on ride sharing companies like Uber.  BC’s Transportation Minister’s always had concerns for the taxi market as they would go out of service due to the lower fares and higher availability of these ride sharing companies. It is the number of different


So, what are the cons that come with Uber? First, theres the fact that there are a number of different stakeholders, such as taxi companies and taxi driver, and ride sharing companies who have very  different perspectives and views about the ride sharing. We need to remember that companies like Uber will bring on high levels of competition for the taxi industry, which could potentially lead to the loss of this industry. However, we also need to note that this competition will help to drive the options and convenience for Vancouver citizens. The last point that I will bring up is the safety of both the passenger and driver… We’ve heard of many instances where either the passenger or driver gets into a heated argument and ends up in an all out fight.

There are both positive and negatives for the addition of Uber, but luckily for us there is still no set timeline to when the first ever ride share service will come to Vancouver. What are your thoughts on bringing Uber to Vancouver? Let me know what you think on the comments below! :)