Oh what a day. What a lovely day! The movie that will be talked about for ages finally reaches us in May 2015. Mad Max: Fury Road excites your inner crazy gear head and takes you on a 2 hour joyride through George Miller’s post-apocalyptic world.

mad max

In all honesty I was skeptical about all the critical acclaim that other reviews and critics had to say about the movie. Soon I found myself agreeing with every word, and enjoying every passing second. Usually in actions movies there lies an action sequence with cars, that one intense car chase sequence that brings you out of your seat. However in Mad Max the entire movie is a massive, epic, long, entertaining, and satisfying car chase experience. Pacing was a concern for me when the movie started, “how much can my eyes and heart take?”. Leave it to George Miller to perfectly control the pacing. Cutting off the action when you believe you can’t take anymore, and thrusting you back in just as you catch your breath.

The post-apocalyptic world depicted is nothing short of perfect. The visual settings envisioned are stunning and brings you right into their world. The longer the movie continues, the more you find yourself invested. You start to wonder… If the Earth were to fall into such a state would humans become like animals?

mad max

Character development is not missing in this film, however that seems to be reserved more for the supporting characters. The story is moved along nicely by Charlize Theron’s character Imperator Furiosa, which leaves the audience with the feeling that Max is just along for the ride. Rumour has it that due to the early success of the movie, there will be two more movies from other screenplays developed by George Miller. Max is due to receive more character development in the upcoming prequels that take place before Fury Road. The main villain in Fury Road is actually revived from the original Mad Max movie; Hugh Keays-Byrne reprises his role as Immortan Joe. The craziness has not been lost over these 36 years since the beginning of the franchise. In fact, the level of insane has risen to an all-time high and explodes onto the screen.

Overall there’s nothing mediocre with this movie. You don’t do things small in the Mad Max world, you either do them epic or very EPIC. If you have time during the weekends or on half-off Tuesday I would fully recommend you watch this movie. Try not to pay attention to the others in the audience as they will speak to their friends and react to every exciting explosion. This would be one of those movies to enjoy with friends, just don’t talk during the movie…