There are so many foodies here in Vancouver, and Ramen is one of the go-to soup noodle dishes! With Vancouver’s cold weather, a nice bowl of miso ramen, with the perfect chewiness of noodles, and added toppings makes your day a whole lot better!

Do you think I got all the top ramen joints? Comment below if you think I missed any :)

- Christy B.

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

santouka must try ramen restaurant vancouverPhoto Credit: Miss Vancouver Piggy

Santouka holds true to the traditional and authentic ramen taste. They keep things simple with their Shoyu, Miso or Shio soup base. You can also try their signature Toroniku Ramen, which is served with thinly sliced pork. This restaurant is a very popular joint in Vancouver, so you have to give it a try! 

Taishoken Ramen

taishoken must try ramen restaurant vancouver
Photo Credit: Flavour Town Adventures

Getting the prefect flavour and richness inside the soup base is a big factor to achieving the perfect ramen, but the noodle itself is also another part! Taishoken not only provides the perfect soup base, but they also have the right amount of chewiness and taste for their noodles. Having the perfect balance of soup and noodles only means a delicious bowl of ramen.

Kintaro Ramen

kintaro must try ramen restaurants vancouver
Photo Credit: Miss Vancouver Piggy

If you’re looking for cheap and good tasting ramen, then Kintaro is the place! Their spicy garlic ramen and cheese ramen are a few options that go beyond the typical ramen you see at other places. The sound of cheese in ramen may sound a little weird, but it seems to have become very popular. 


maratuma must try ramen restaurants in vancouver
Photo Credit: Gastrofork

Marutama Ra-men is known for only serving chicken broth on their menu. With the lack of soup base options, they provide a big diversity on the toppings that you can add on. From perfectly soft boiled tamago, ebi, and tan men – you have a lot of choices to choose from! Additionally, they provide you with a true authentic experience through a true Japanese greeting as you walk in.


gyo-o must try ramen restaurants vancouver
Photo Credit: Kirby

Gyo-o is a very popular ramen restaurant that’s located in Central Richmond. They provide a very unique approach to ramen, while also providing a big variety of food. They offer also a seafood salad ramen that goes beyond the authentic ramen ingredients. They also provide other options on top of ramen, such as rice bowls!

Ramen Jinya

ramen jinya must try ramen restaurants vancouver
Photo Credit: YumYum

Jinya is the probably one of the best ramen restaurants you can find in Vancouver! It can be compared to the ramen you find in Japan. They give you the option to order dumplings that compliments the overall dish. A little tip, the spicy tonkatsu ramen is a must try when going here!

Hida Takayama Ramen

hida takayama must try ramen restaurants vancouver
Photo Credit: Vancity Noms

Hida takayama not only provides excellent tasting food, but they also give out big portions of noodle, and char siu (pork slices). For the price of $8, and the amount of ramen you get, it is worth the try!! This place isn’t as popular as other restaurants mentioned, so hurry and try it before theres a big lineup.

Motomachi Shokudo

motomachi shokudo must try ramen restaurants vancouver
Photo Credit: Katrina

Have you ever tried bamboo-charcoal miso ramen? If you haven’t, then you have to try it at Motomachi Shokudo Ramen. They have a dark colour broth that doesn’t look like the typical ramen, but the soup base alone will hit your taste buds in all the right places! This restaurant has gotten a lot of attention recently, so be ready to line up!