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Protecting Your Vehicle: A Cautionary Tale

We saw a post on our forums recently about a car being vandalized with (what appeared to be) kitchen waste. It was shocking for some

August 29, 2012 Security
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Summer Meet 2012 a Success!

Revscene’s Summer 2012 Meet has come and gone and it was a huge success. Everyone had fun, we gave out some prizes, made some new

August 26, 2012 Meets
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Revscene Summer Meet 2012: Brought to you by Open Road Scion

The Revscene Summer 2012 meet is finally here! Thanks go out to Open Road Scion for putting it on. We’re going to be updating this

August 18, 2012 Meets
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Revscene Reviews: Scion FR-S Edition

See what the Revscene chief, !SG, thought of the new Scion FR-S Edition in this review. Does it make the grade or fall short? Find

August 18, 2012 Automotive
Disputing a violation ticket. 0

How to deal with a Violation Ticket

CAVEAT: for proper legal advice, please contact a lawyer. With that out of the way, here are some thoughts on what to do if you

August 17, 2012 Police
Your First Mission Street Legal 0

Your First Mission Street Legal

Experienced racers suggest you watch for a while first. There is a lot to take in and don’t expect to learn it all instantly. This article

August 17, 2012 Automotive
Vehicle Security 101 0

Vehicle Security 101

Car thieves and vandals make us all angry. We can get upset, complain about it, organize mob justice, but the police can’t call in criminal

August 17, 2012 Security
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What in the OHMS?

Its likely that some of you are wondering what the  ohms, impedance, voice coil and amp stability means. Lets clear a few things up! This

August 17, 2012 Audio
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