For over a decade Revscene has taken a firm stand on speaking out against street racing. Working with Resist the Race, an organization dedicated to reducing criminal driving behavior, we have always made sure that people know that Revscene will absolutely not condone street racing of any kind.

Revscenester wobuffet was challenged in broad daylight by someone desperately trying to be cast as an extra in the next Fast and Furious movie and promptly turned him down. It didn’t stop the driver from driving recklessly and insulting wobuffet.

Skip to 1:37 and watch as the driver gets more and more frustrated as he is unable to find a playmate on the streets.

We’re happy to see our members demonstrate maturity and class when faced by someone who obviously has none. Its is also a reminder to be careful out there.




Thanks go out to our sponsor Blitzgear for establishing the Resist the Race organization.