REVscene Cares has been an integral part of since founded in October 2000.

Revscene has worked closely with BC Children’s Hospital, BC Breast Cancer Society, Big Brothers of Canada, BC Blood Drive and the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.  Not only is a place for car enthusiasts, we are a dedicated group that loves to give back!

Here at we are always working to better our beautiful city and every little bit helps. Important Partner Information:

Vancouver Food Bank:
Partner Name:

Canadian Blood Services
16 donations and 15 pledges  from Jan 2012 to August 8, 2012

To become a registered member for Revscene:
Partner ID: REVS008555 (those are zeros)


Food for Thought

-From January to September at the VFB see 20% of donations for the whole year.  October to December sees 80% because people “feel more generous” during the holidays.
-VFB donates food programs to 110 schools from January to June.  After that..children need to fend with their families alone

-Approximately 27,000 Vancouverites line up per week to receive food packages. 12,000 of those are CHILDREN. 10,000 of those are SENIORS
-BC is the only province that exchanges monetary donations from $1 to $3.  The lowest exchange rate in the country
-The average senior receiving pension is $950 a month.  Half of it goes to living expenses, and the rest is split between medical and food expenses.
-HUNGER DOES NOT GO ON VACATION! is always looking to help better the community.  If you or your team/group are having a meet or group function,  consider at your next event to help you spread the love!

Please contact Miss Crayon for more information.