Driving a car all out is a lot more fun than rolling along with traffic in an exotic and that’s where the Fiesta sits. This Fiesta ST is a friend of mine, the local member known as ilvtofu (Justin). He has slowly modified this little pocket rocket since 2014. In stock form, the Fiesta is already a joy. With its eager chassis and nimble steering, the Fiesta can go where it’s pointed. Sadly being a front wheel drive there are limits and it’s easy to reach. Unlike big exotic cars where the maximum grip is never seen on a day to day road, the Fiesta is able to put down all 200 if its ` horsepower down to one of its front wheels and power through everyday obstacles like beige Corollas and automatic Civics. Yes, it lacks a mechanical LSD but does use the brakes to aid traction and it works well enough on the road, however, I was told by the owner on the track it does heat up the brakes more than he likes.


On the road, the Fiesta is loads of fun, the custom tune that it’s on crackles and pops like no tomorrow making this little car sound mean and feisty. Driving this in traffic you will notice you might drive it a bit harder comparing to other vehicles just to hear the crackle with every shift. But even when you do fuel consumption stay close to 9L/100km. Though consumption is amazing it doesn’t mean this little go cart can’t move. Put the foot down the little turbo spools quick after 2000rpm it does lose its breath near the top but it has so much torque low down there’s no real need to change down during overtake. Just put the foot down and hear the turbo spool through the intake. The sound resonates throughout the cabin as sound deadening is surely lacking in the rear half. But it’s a good sound, it’s something you would want to hear over and over again.


Inside the Fiesta is still pretty econobox-esque, the dash is tight with everything neatly packaged. The centre display is recessed in a cubby just far enough to be out of reach for the occupants but close enough to be still visible. Powered my My Ford Touch, it’s neat but doesn’t expect too much out of it. It really shows how much Ford’s infotainment system has evolved in the past years. Comparing My Ford Touch to the new Sync 3 is complete night and day. Sync 3 just works so much faster, responsive and works with voice commands 9 times out of 10. Slightly lower you’ll find the car’s auto HVAC system, with a small cabin the system does a quick job to warm up in cold winter months and with blistering hot single settings heated seats it’ll surely toast you. The seats are hot in more than one way, they are designed and made by Recaro, with heavy bolstering the seats are super supportive. One thing to note is with Canadian models the Recaro seats are standard equipment however for our friends in the USA they are an optional extra. Something to do with size and limitations.



Overall the fiesta is a small hot hatch that is more enjoyable to drive than a lot of its competitors. With loads of torque down low and good peak horsepower, this little cart is able to turn in and keep up with the big boys on the track. The only real negative is the overall size of the vehicle, being a subcompact the rear seats and trunk are tight however no one wanted rear legroom in a go-kart. The best part, the car’s for sale right now @ https://www.revscene.net/forums/711339-2014-ford-fiesta-st.html  Also check out his build thread @ https://www.revscene.net/forums/694921-ilvtofus-2014-fiesta-st.html