When people think of hybrids the Prius will be the first car that comes to mind. Honda doesn’t want to change your mind by offering a Prius replacement but wants to expand it by giving you an alternative. The Accord is the larger vehicle and with a lot more space and comfort to offer. And on top of that, it’s a bit low-key so you don’t have to fit in with the eco crowd. The 2017 Hybrid is a brand new system under an aging body but that’s not necessarily bad, the chassis is stiff and has been tested since 2012.


After 40 years in Canada, the Accord has changed a lot, the first Accord Hybrid was introduced in 2006 with a v6 engine and it was marketed with the performance of the v6 but fuel consumption of the 4 cylinders, unfortunately, it did not deliver those results most users achieved similar mileage to those with the regular v6 since the added weight of the hybrid system weighted the car down. In 2017 the hybrid system features a small and lightweight lithium-ion battery in the trunk with minimum intrusion, a 2.0L 4 cylinder engine, and a trick power unit/generator.


The Accord hybrid isn’t too different to set it apart comparing to the regular version, apart from specialty wheels and a light blue tint on the headlights and taillights it’s basically the same. The new generation of Accords has optional LED headlights that separate the lower end models to the touring trim. They illuminate the road nicely with a wide beam pattern and with the auto high beam it minimizes accidental usage. Styling is subjective, but we believe the new accord has more attractive lines than the previous versions and with the smaller body, it’s more athletic. The front bumper is sculpted nicely with integrated LED fog lamps and faux air intakes. Overall the length of the 9th generation Accord is slightly smaller comparing to the 8th generation but it’s still big enough to classified as a full-size rather than mid-size sedan.


Behind the wheel, its strangely quiet. The Accord is able to cruise in full EV mode so unless it has to heat the cabin, it’s completely silent. Luckily in the middle of the cluster, there’s a message that would indicate the car’s up and running. This does get some getting used to, at first, I found myself checking to make sure the car is actually started. What’s unique about the hybrid system is how it functions. I’ll link a video from Engineering Explained for more info down below but it’s fascinating in terms of engineering behind it. Driving a hybrid is a bit different than driving a regular car it can possibly change you. I’ve noticed after a couple of days the main thing I was concerned about was not reaching my destination but I achieved a good eco score. The car scores your drive with three leaves after hitting the stop button. It’s like a report card and only driving it carefully will get you an A. While there was a bit of snow on the ground and the ambient temps were cold and turning on the heater plus the heated seats it will reduce the fuel economy. Achieving 8L/100km in the city is pretty good for a car of this size, however, it’s nowhere close to EPA figures of 4.9L/100km.


Inside the Accord it’s the same since 2012, featuring a dual tier navigation, audio, and HVAC controls. everything is nicely laid out with simple logically placed buttons that are all within easy reach. The only problem is the dual screen is a bit confusing and could be a bit sluggish to respond. However, it has been recently updated to include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. After driving a few cars without this feature it’s nice to have, making navigating and simple tasks easier with the aid of Siri or Google Now.


Overall the hybrid Accord is great to not only able provide a quiet, comfortable ride but it also has great fuel economy and space for a family of four. Sadly now that the system is no longer a plug-in it’s not eligible for BC’s Clean Energy program, so no rebate available. However starting at $33,051 and the equivalent 4 Cylinder version at $29,441 it’s not a huge difference for the return in economy.



Yes that’s a sport button


10 years separates these two, overall the vehicle has matured and grown

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Engineering explained youtube video: