The 2017 Honda CRV, what started a new market some twenty years ago has blossomed to this beautiful compact SUV.

_0002533Outside the CRV has grown in every dimension. And it’s beautiful! every arch, every curve the CRV is handsome.

_0002534Starting up front are these dazzling set of LED headlights, a Touring model exclusive. These are not only pretty they also light up the roads remarkably well.

_0002558Rolling on 18″ wheels and tires the CRV rides well without the choppiness found on its competitors with bigger wheels.

_0002544Out back the CRV is distinctive with its vertical taillights and horizontal chrome divider that’s been found in previous generations. Unlike those of the past, the new CRV has a set of dual exhaust on the bottom which let the new engine breath a bit better.

BeFunky Collage_93Opening the rear hatch with a simple kick under the rear bumper will show a low load floor and a vast cargo area. Folding the rear seats down shows just how versatile the CRV is. Comparing to its competitors, the CRV has one of the biggest interior volume in its class. And with another simple kick the tailgate will close.


Jumping inside you’re treated to these bucketed leather seats that are heated to keep your rear end nice and warm.


Take a look up and you’ll see a beautiful panoramic sunroof, a Honda’s First. Extending over the front and rear seats the sunroof lets in a lot of natural light and lets the passengers feel less claustrophobic even though the window sills are higher.

_0002553Controlling this sunroof is simple with one-touch open and close and with a separate blind control to shut out the light when it’s needed.

_0002568Sitting in the cabin the CRV has definitely gone upscale. The fit and finish is impeccable, with soft-touch materials and the quality is everywhere.


The dash is covered in this faux leather, faux stitching with a strip of glossy piano black plastic and faux wood. There’s a lot of faux here, but honestly, it’s not that bad. It looks the part and no one would know unless they start touching the surface.


It really looks the part!

_0002502The stitching and wood run the length of the dash and it’s also present on the door.

_0002527In the centre is where the CRV’s interior shines.


The new CRV features a new integrated touch screen system with … what’s this? a Volume knob? I guess Honda has been listening to our complaints and revamped the infotainment system. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it’s just fresh and up to date. The infotainment system does have a bit of lag when swiping through menus however it works as intended and the menus are easy to read and navigate.


Similar situation with the climate control, with an increase of physical buttons it’s much easy to use and less fumbling in menus.

_0002574Behind the wheel, the CRV is planted and it drives like a bigger civic. Steering is vague as expected but direct, on the road the CRV has surprisingly minimal body roll.


The little 1.5L Turbo 4, is lifted from the Civic but it’s been boosted just a bit more to squeeze 190hp and 179lb-ft of torque. With all that torque available from 2000rpm. This little CRV can pull. Not only does it have power it also has good fuel consumption. During my week with the vehicle, I manage to get 10.3L/100km in the city with the vast amounts of stop and go.

_0002563Mated to this engine is only one transmission choice, a CVT. No manual options here even if you opt for the front-wheel drive version like before. The CVT does drone a bit when the pedal goes to the floor but driving normally it’s quiet and the transmission keeps the engine within its torque band for brisk acceleration.

_0002524With the front seats set for my 5’11 frame. There’s still plenty of rear legroom. What’s nice is the rear doors open to almost 90 degrees so getting kids in and out from child seats is a little simpler.


There’s tons of space back here, with the addition of heated rear seats and reclinable backrest, it’s fit for a king.

_0002504Even when you’re a king you still need to charge your devices so there are two USB ports in the back for all your charging needs.

_0002550Don’t worry for the front passengers there are two charging ports under the centre armrest.


Something I took notice was Honda engineers were quite smart designing the doors. The plastic piece extends to the lowest part of the body protecting it from dirt, mud, and debris. This little piece will keep your pant legs nice and clean as you get in and out of the vehicle.

_0002498As with most top-of-the-line Honda lineup, Honda’s safety suite of sensory add-ons is included to keep the occupants safe. With lane-keep assist, collision mitigation braking it keeps

_0002640Overall the CRV is one of the best new car’s I’ve had a chance to drive. With top safety ratings and an amazing new engine, the CRV is hard to beat. With every option checked off, the CRV adds up to $38,090. Though it might seem like a lot a similarly required Hyundai Tucson is priced higher. And with a track record like Honda, these little crossovers are going to fly out the showroom.