Ford has been killing it lately in the automotive game. They have some amazing products out like the brand-new all-aluminum F-150 and the hot hatch to end them all the Focus RS. But slotted within the middle of the two is their mid-size sedan the Fusion. For the 2017 model year, the Fusion has been refreshed since its launch back in 2013. With restyled front and rear ends the styling is quite striking and refreshing, some might even say it looks like an Aston Martin. Known in the rest of the world as the Mondeo, the Fusion has some big competitors and Ford has put out a bunch of technology to keep up with the rest and shine in the crowded midsize market.



Ford’s styling department was bang-on when they designed the fusion. The front end is sleek with its narrow LED headlights and eye-catching grill. The side profile is long and low with a heavily raked rear window leading to the eye-catching taillights out back. Make no mistake this mid-size will get you noticed, and that’s never a bad thing. Comparing to the competitors, the fusion looks amazing and the styling is not over the top with excess bling or angles, simplicity at its finest.



When it comes to selection Ford has an al la carte style to their vehicles. With twelve distinct models ,six different powertrain and two drivetrain choices, there is something there for everyone. The model we got here is SE which is the second in the line, with the smallest engine available a 1.5L Ecoboost 4 cylinder connected to a 6 speed automatic with Auto Start/Stop. This little Ecoboost makes 181hp and 185lb-ft of torque, although that doesn’t seem like a lot for a 3500lb vehicle it’s more than sufficient. With torque available down low, the engine never struggles up hill or during passing maneuvers. EPA rates this engine at 10L/100km in the city however while driving around Vancouver in stop and go traffic and to be able to keep up with others we averaged 11.5L/100km. This is one of the downfalls with smaller engines, it does have to work harder to accelerate. But as said, Ford has 5 different powertrains from the Fusion Plug-in hybrid which will get you 2.4Le/100km to the blazing Fusion Sport that has 325hp and 380lb-ft on tap. By varying the options list you are able to use electric power or power down the road similar to the SHO of yesteryear.



Inside the Fusion they have done some great upgrades, gone is the old MyFord Touch and touch sensitive buttons, in place is a beautiful 8″ screen powered by Sync 3. The system is now much more responsive and acts much quicker than before. Best yet the voice command works! With the new system, they have also implemented Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay. With a simple press of a button from the steering wheel, the driver is able to activate Google Now or Siri. And even if you don’t plug in your mobile device the Sync’s navigation is fast and accurate and it’s able to show you turning directions within the cluster. Speaking of the cluster it’s an unconventional unit. With two displays on either side of the Speedometer, there are two separate D-pads on the steering wheel that are able to control them independently. The left is for driver aids, like tachometer, ability to turn traction control on/off, Lane keeps assist and more. On the other side, it’s for entertainment, navigation and mobile device. The D-pads are placed a bit too close to the centre as reaching the inside toggle is a stretch. But the interface is simple and easy for anyone to learn and use.



Once inside the cabin, immediately the driver would notice the traditional shift lever has been replaced by a knob with four distinct settings and an “S” button in the middle. By rotating the knob clockwise it’ll shift from park to drive and reverse will get you the opposite result, this is done simply to create more space, the knob requires less space to use and ford is able to put the electronic parking brake close by for ease of access.dsc_9472


Sitting inside the fusion is nicely appointed with soft leather on the seats and ample room for all its passengers. Seats are soft yet supportive, they aren’t sports seats that hug you but rather closer to the lazy-boy in the living room. The cabin has some high-end materials, the dash and door cards are mainly covered by soft touch plastics and is divided with a nice silver piece that keeps the interior modern. Overall the Cabin is large and the vast space doesn’t end there. The trunk is also huge, it’s able to stow varying sized items and the pass through opening is quite large, spanning almost the entire width of the rear seats, it’ll be great for those longer items at Ikea.


In the automotive industry every automaker has to make something to stand out from the crowd, in the Fusion there’s a few things that make it just a little more unique. Available as an option is the car’s automated parking system which can park itself in parallel or perpendicular spots. We did manage to try this feature out a few times but if there are poles next the to spot the vehicle would get confused and stop the process. Also available is remote start, with the weather getting colder it’s nice to get into a warm car. The climate control is able to remember the previous settings for heated seats and heated steering wheel so it’s nice and welcoming. We did notice the heated steering wheel in the fusion isn’t as warm as some of the previous cars we’ve tested, but it’s still better than holding on to a cold wheel in canadian winters.



The fusion is a wonderful package that a lot of people miss, maybe because of the brand’s previous vehicles or history but the fusion is definitely worth the second look. With styling and comfort a huge hit, the fusion will look great in anyone’s driveway while providing excellent manners.





Words and Photos by: Jimmy Mak
instagram: Aznboi128