Who’s excited for the 15th Annual Spring Meet? I know we’re all there mostly for the cars and motorcycles, but the food perfects the entire event! This year we are lucky to have a big variety of foods! From churros, grilled cheese and Japanese street eats how can you not want to try it all?

We want to say thank you to: Mogu, Taser Grilled Cheese and Mexichurros for coming out to this year’s spring meet and providing us with delicious food! :)


mogu food 1Photo Credit: Rach-Ol 

mogu food 2Photo Credit: Vancity Noms

Taser Grilled Cheese: 

taser grilled cheese food 2Photo Credit: Vancity Noms

taser grilled cheese food 1
Photo Credit: foodology


mexichurro food 1


mexichurro food 2