Here we go again, another superhero team up movie that features the two protagonists fighting over a misunderstanding. Negativity aside, the concept of the movie is unique because we haven’t seen a superhero versus movie before. Well at least in the title. We all know what “Dawn of Justice” stands for and wouldn’t expect anything different.

There will be bits of the movie that aren’t comic-book canon and this might drive you batty.


1. Doomsday will be created by Lex Luthor from General Zod’s corpse


2. Lex will have hair, probably will lose it during the movie


You’ll effectively combine three (3) different superhero movies into one by mixing the Batman origin story, a verses movie, and a lovely team up movie. The movie will last 2H 31Mins and will be packed full of Easter eggs for the Justice League movie.

Some say DC is rushing to catch Marvel, others say they don’t like Batfleck’s butt chin, all we know is that you’ll be watching on March 25th.