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The summertime is usually filled with many fun activities such as concerts, trying new foods, traveling and the newest blockbuster movies. Avengers: Age of Ultron released in Canada on May 1st so it’s up to you whether or not you consider it a summer movie.


Starting off I would like to state that I’m a frequent movie goer and I enjoy the superhero movie just as much as everyone else. However, while watching the latest Marvel movie I felt a bit of disconnect. The beginning of the movie is filled with your obligatory fight scene with the old Avenger squad running through Hydra grunts like typical cannon futter. The more the story goes on the more predictable it all becomes for even the most casual fan. The plot of the story is almost all given away in the multiple trailers that were issued before the movie, and at one point the heros need to clichely choice between the lives of few or many. The humor in this movie is the standard affair and does leave you laughing alongside the rest of the theatre. In Age of Ultron we also get to witness the budding relationships between Avengers and villains alike. The softer side of these heros helps us relate to the human side of them, even if they are Asgardian. Ultron is portrayed as a witty , condescending, brat with daddy issues towards his creator. As for the Avengers team, they all receive ample screen time to help develop and flush out their characters this time around. The overall flow of the movie is very fast paced, but also provides time to reflect on itself before throwing back into battle again.

Throughout the movie you’ll find plenty of easter eggs, teasing the future releases in phase three in Marvel’s plans. In the business sense Marvel has done what other superhero franchises could only dream of; creating a movie going experience that requires you to see all the previous movies to understand the current situation.

For the more experienced Marvel fan the story leaves much to be desired due to the alterations from the comic book canon. The changes do make sense from a marketing perspective and also from a legal perspective. The twins in the movie are originally ‘mutants’ from the X-Men storyline in Marvel’s comic book universe. Due to 20th Century Fox’s ownership of the X-Men rights, the Maximoff twins cannot be called ‘mutants’ and instead are referred to as human experiments. The original creator of Ultron is actually not Tony Stark at all, but the lesser known Dr. Hank Pym.


Don’t forget to stay for the now standard post credit teaser? Nope, skip that altogether because this time there is not post credit teaser at all. Only stay for the initial one after the first credit roll. Save yourself the time and the traffic towards the doors when you intelligently walk out of the theatre like a boss while everyone else sits there patiently waiting.

Overall, although the movie does have its flaws  I would recommend Avengers: Age of Ultron to both casual and hardcore fans. You will be entertained with action, romance, explosions, easter eggs, and muscles.

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