With December on the horizon and the holiday season almost upon us, the same old tendencies are rearing their ugly heads once again. As they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and December holidays are some of the oldest celebrations you’re going to get. At Revscene, we’ve compiled a list of every thing we’ve come to get tired of when December rolls around. Hopefully you can avoid them.

1. Your distant relative commenting on your weight at Christmas dinner

No, Auntie Lorraine, I did not eat all the pie…

2. Knowing every single lyric of the Justin Bieber, Michael Buble and Mariah Carey Christmas albums


Maybe if you stopped giving your heart away altogether Mariah, you won’t be crying every Christmas.

3. Pre-Christmas Shopping Crowds

3-prechristmas shopping

Why couldn’t you all just shop online? That is what Amazon is for.

4. Post-Christmas Shopping Crowds


That moment when you awkwardly tackle a five year old to get that last Playstation…

5. The state of your wallet on January 1st


For the last time, I can’t afford to get you that diamond ring from Tiffany’s!

6. Pictures of that couple you know and their romantic trip it New York


Congrats on your kiss in Time Square, it must’ve been a magical moment for you two…

7. Comparing your gingerbread house with the one on the box

7-gingerbread house

The sad part is… you tried.

8. When your birthday is in December and you receive 1 gift instead of 2


Does 1 + 1 = 1? NO!

9. How short the period of accomplishment is after putting up your Christmas lights


Was it really worth the 3 hours of work and a broken leg?

10. Not to mention the untangling part thats required to get started…


That look’s fine to me…

11. When it actually is a white Christmas


But Auntie Lorraine, who needs the gym if you have winter?

12. And people decide to post about it…


Might as well put “weatherman” on your resume.

13.  Confirming your distant relative’s suspicions after all the Christmas dinners.


What else am I going to do with all these shortbread cookies?

14. Pretending to like the sweater thats 10x too big that a relative gives you


Get ready for all the fake smiles and thank you’s…