With Christmas fast approaching, the stress of Christmas gift giving is increasing drastically! If you’re looking for gift ideas for car enthusiasts, then it’s your lucky day! We created a list of the top 10 gift ideas for any car lover. We have put together gift ideas that range between $20 – $2,500. So, depending on how much you have budgeted yourself, we provided a lot of different options.

I hope this article relieves the stress of Christmas gift hunting! Best of luck, and have a great holiday!

- Christy B.

10.) Personalized License Plate – $35-$80 (depending on style)

If you have a tight budget this Christmas, then getting a personalized license plate is the solution for your Christmas gift hunt!  You can personally customize and modify it based on your liking.

personalized license plate top 10 gift ideas

9.) New Shift Knob  - $20-$70 (depending on style)

If the person is into modifying their cars and you’re looking for a Christmas gift that isn’t crazy expensive, then a new shift knob is the way to go!

shift knob top 10 gift ideas

8.) New Car Pedals – $90-$100

Another option for people who like to modify cars are new car pedals! It’s cheaper than an entire body kit, but you can still personally customize it to your liking. Car pedals are the ideal Christmas gift if they have already replaced their shift knob.

new car pedals top 10 gift ideas

7.) Detailing Kit – $195

What car lover doesn’t want a nice finish/polish as a Christmas gift? Getting them a full detailing kit for Christmas allows them to add that extra shine to their car.
detailing kit top 10 gift ideas

6.) Autogylm Car Care Kit – $50

Any car enthusiast would be happy to get a car care kit as a Christmas gift. The Autoglym kit is a known and trusted brand, making this the ideal kit to purchase.

car care kit top 10 gift ideas

5.) Tickets to car races or auto shows – $ varies (depending on race/show)

You can’t go wrong with buying tickets to an auto show or race for Christmas. The prices of these varies quite significantly, so do your research well.

sema top 10 gift ideas

4.) Porsche Keyring- $30

Looking for a Luxury brand, with a small price tag? Then, the Porsche keyring is the perfect Christmas gift! You can now say you own a Porsche product.

porsche keyring top 10 gift ideas

3.) Leather driving gloves – $80-$200 (depending on style/material)

It gets pretty cold during the winter season in Vancouver. Leather driving gloves would be a perfect Christmas gift for any car enthusiasts! They get to drive their favourite cars, while staying warm.
gloves top 10 gift ideas

2.) Carbonlite tools – $140

For anyone who is into repairing or building cars, the carbonlite tools is the perfect Christmas gift. Imagine fixing a car with carbon fiber that is used to build F1 race cars and spaceships also used to build the tools used to build carbon fiber F1 race cars and spaceships.

carbon lite tools top 10 gift ideas

1.) LaFerrari Sunglasses – $2,500

If you really want to spoil someone this Christmas, then think about getting them LaFerrari Sunglasses. It’s made with carbon fibre, and it is the true definition of luxury.
sunglasses top 10 gift ideas