This summer is going to be a scorcher! Prepare yourself with some fun activities to help keep your cool during the summer months.

1. Cultus Lake Waterpark:

  • 4150 Columbia Valley Hwy, Cultus Lake, BC

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When was the last time you went to a water park? Regardless of your answer, you should try one of these out to recapture your inner child. The main theme here will be tons of people all escaping the Metro Vancouver area, and children. So be prepared for congested traffic and screaming kids if you want to go on some fun water slides. Remember don’t be the person that urinates in the water park!

2. Splashdown Park

  • Tsawwassen, BC

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3. La Casa Gelato

  • 1033 Venables St, Vancouver, BC
  • Open 11am – 11pm

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This is going to be one of the busiest locations for your gelato fix. With over 218 flavours on-hand and free tasting samples; you might never want to leave. With the long hours that they are open this gelato shop will definitely be busy. Traffic usually picks up later in the evening, so go early if you don’t like crowds. Just be careful about the parking in the area, many unreported hit and runs occur here!

4. Earnest Ice Cream

  • 3992 Fraser St. Vancouver, BC
  • Open: Thurs – Sun 12pm – 10pm


  • 1829 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC
  • Open: Mon 8am – 11pm,    Wed – Sun 8am – 11pm


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Multiple locations to satisfy your ice cream cravings. Each location has different flavours and different hours of operations; so check on their website before committing! Cone or pints you will not be disappointed with the selection and flavours. If you are heading over close to the closing hours, look for the Last Scoop Sash because no one after the sash wearer will be served that night.

5. Slide the City

  • August 22rd, 2015
  • Lansdale Avenue, North Vancouver, BC

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The fabled 1,000 foot waterslide will be at the one day event this summer! Wouldn’t this make for a great Facebook status update, Tweet, or Instagram post? This one costs about $20 for a single slide down, but only $35 for three times. If you’re looking at this and still haven’t pre-purchased tickets then that means you’ve miss that boat. The earlier you go the better, because this attraction will definitely draw in the crowds.