We’re pretty lucky to live in a city thats known for their Asian foods! Hong Kong cafes have become very popular here in Vancouver, and we should all be very thankful for that. Baked rice dishes, soup noodle, deep fried pork chop, beef brisket, milk tea… the list goes on! Lucky for us,  you can find all these delicious dishes at most Hong Kong Style Cafes in Vancouver.

We created a list of the top 7 Hong Kong cafes everyone in Vancouver must try!
I hope you get hungry and get tempted to go and try one of these restaurants by the end of this article!

- Christy B.

7.) Kingspark Steak Housekingspark hong kong cafes

People who love to eat steak and lobster must go and try Kingspark Steak House! They go beyond the typical grill, by adding some Hong Kong flavours.  Their steaks are cooked to perfection, and the lobster has a good natural taste with the additional seasoning to top everything off!

6.) Maxim’s
maxim hong kong cafes

I’m sure we’ve all heard of Maxim’s bakery, but did you know they have a restaurant in Chinatown? The price of their food and portion is unbelievable! Not to mention the quality and taste is superb! The restaurant may always be filled with people, but theres a reason why that is.

5.) Soho
soho hong kong cafes

Are you looking for top quality Hong Kong food and some alcohol? Well, you can find this both at Soho! They have gone above and beyond the typical bubble tea by infusing it with alcohol. Food and alcohol? I must say that is the best combination ever! Imagine eating some of that fried chicken with some alcohol in your bubble tea.

4.) Deer Garden
deer garden hong kong cafes

Haven’t you ever had the hassle of making substitutions or asking for something to be added/removed in your dish? If yes, Deer Garden is the perfect place for you! This restaurant is known for their “DIY” noodles. You can pick your own noodles, soup, meat, vegetables etc…  Plus! They have $1.75 side dishes just incase you wanted something more than just soup noodles.

3.) Silver Tower
silver tower hong kong cafes

Ever been craving food at 2 am? Besides all the fast food chains like McDonalds or Wendy’s, Silver Tower is another option! They’re open till 3 am and offer incredible tasting food.  Look at that cheese pork chop cutlet with tomato sauce on top of spaghetti… I would definitely choose that over a junior chicken any day!

2.) Lido
lido hong kong cafes

Ever heard of the famous pineapple bun found in Chinese bakeries? Well, Lido takes it to the next step by putting in a stick of butter. Lido is famous for this bun, and theres a reason why! The bun is as soft as a pillow, and with the added butter, everything just melts in your mouth.

1.) Alleluia
Alleluia hong kong cafes

Alleluia is known for their big menu, most Hong Kong cafes offer a wide variety of food but none can compare to Alleluia. Their food ranges from traditional Hong Kong fried dishes, noodles, sandwiches, steak, pasta, and even east asian dishes. Regardless of their huge menu, they still provide excellent tasting food! Take the beef noodle soup for example. Even with vegetables it still looks mouthwatering!!