Top 10 Import Models to Follow on Instagram:

We all love the idea of import models, they just fit perfectly with sexy cars. I know you all look forward to seeing their latest and hottest photo from their most recent photoshoots. Well, we made your life a lot easier by putting together the top 10 import models to follow on Instagram! Instagram not only shows you their professional photos, but also an inside look at their everyday lives.

Take a look below to see who I think made it on the top 10! Do you agree? Or do you think someone else deserves the number 1 spot? Comment below and let me know!

P.S. Happy WCW, and enjoy ;)

- Christy B.

10.) Jenni Tran

revscene top 10 instagram jenni tran

Take a look at Ms.HIN Seattle. She’s not only got the beauty part nailed down, but she’s also got the brains. She knows how to pose perfectly well in front of the camera, and she knows a lot about cars.

Follow her now: @JenniTran

9.) Janey B

revscene top 10 instagram janey b

Janey has been blessed with great assets, and she loves to show it all off on her page.

Follow her now: @JaneyB

8.) Donnah Pham

revscene top 10 instagram donnah pham

Donnah Pham is the perfect balance between naughty and nice. Her photos clearly show how she is able to look both cute and sexy.

Follow her now: @DonnahPham

7.) Ashley Vee

revscene top 10 instagram ashley vee

The blonde hottie with a bangin’ body. Need I say more?

Follow her now: @AshleyVee

6.) Tianna Gregory

revscene top 10 instagram tianna gregory

A girl who has a bombshell body, and practically lives in her underwear? Who doesn’t want to see that?

Follow her now: @TiannaGregory

5.) Dannie Riel

revscene top 10 instagram dannie riel

Meet Miss Importfest Dannie Riel! She’s not only hot, but she’s also funny, really social, and likes to eat. Talk about the perfect woman.

Follow her now: @DannieRiel

4.) Erica Nagashima

revscene top 10 instagram erica nagashima

Everyone is talking about Erica! She was THE model at the Sema 2014 show. She’s not only a babe, but she also knows how to talk to her fans.

Follow her now: @EricaNagashima

3.) Ana Cheri

revscene top 10 instagram ana cheri

Ana is all about her fitness journey. She is constantly working out to ensure her body is kept in tip top shape, and to top it all off, she posts all her progress pictures up on Instagram.

Follow her now: @AnaCheri

2.) Vicki Li

revscene top 10 instagram vicki li

If you didn’t already know, Vicki Li won the title of Ms. Hin Houston. Her mesmerizing face, smile, and body clearly shows shes a true winner.

Follow her now: @VickiLi

1.) Danielle Lo

revscene top 10 instagram danielle lo

It’s not always about being hot and sexy, sometimes a cute face and smile can do wonders. Danielle’s face can definitely break a lot of hearts.

Follow her now: @DanielleLo