Experienced racers suggest you watch for a while first. There is a lot to take in and don’t expect to learn it all instantly. This article will give you a heads-up on what to expect from your first Mission Street Legal.

Once you get to Mission, take the road on the left, dont go through the front gates. Line up with the other cars. Those who are in the “know” usually got there around 3:30. You have to wait a while, but you are pretty much one of the first through tech.


Once the gates open, you will roll up to the pay booth. Cash is the fastest way. They will ask you if you have raced before, say no, and you will receive a number. This number is applied to your passenger side windshield along with with the class you are running.

DOM = Domestic

S/C = Sport Compact (pretty much anything not a muscle car)

O/L = Outlaw (domestics running slicks, or any car with slicks really)

Once you pay, you will also receive a tech card. Head straight and you will pass the track on your right. Take the right turn, then stay to your far left, and follow that road. You will go past a chain link fence, and there should be a sign on the right pointing to tech. It is kind of a Y in the road, and there is a big white garage shed thing. Take the Y to the right, and pull it down all the way to the end. You will be in the tech area.


Once in tech, get out of the car, pop your hood, and open your truck/hatch. Begin filling out the tech card. You only need to fill out the top part, and the bottom part. All the middle is for the race cars that need chassis certification and what not. This includes name, address, phone #, D/L #, car # (remember the card they gave you at the admission gate with the car #?), class (DOM, S/L, O/L), and some other random crap. Once you have it filled out, put the tech card under your drivers side windshield wiper. This lets the tech guy know you are ready to go. The guy will ask you some usual questions, check under the hood, in the hatch/truck, look under the car, ask what you expect to run, etc. Usually they are pretty good, sometimes they can be ass clowns. Once the guy signs off your tech card, you now head to the time shack, which is to your left from tech. Drive down the curb, take the left, then another left. You will sign a waiver, and get a wrist band. Now you can head to the pit area (pretty much anywhere on the grass.)


Get your car ready to run, and get some food, because now you get to wait again.

Called to the Line

When the annoucer calls your class, hop in your car and get in the traffic. Follow the cars and you will end up facing the way you came in. Line up in one of the 4 lanes near the over pass. Dont bother idling your car, sometimes you are waiting a while. Some people will push their cars, some just start em, move em, and shut them down. What you do is your choice.

Your First Pass

Once you get to the front of the line, you will see a guy standing there. He is the guy who picks the cars to go line up. If he points to you, head towards the right or left lane. If you are to the right of the line (i.e. left to right from the wall on the inside)) you are going to be in the right lane. Closest car to the inside wall gets the left lane. Drive around the wooden rubber wall, and around the water if you are running street tires.

The Burnout

For street tires, skip this, all you need to do is a quick burn to clean off the tires, nothing more. Do a quick brakestand, or a quick high rpm launch, then stop, and wait for the track beast to tell you to come to the line. DO NOT DO ANYTHING UNTIL THE GUY IN THE HEADSET GIVES YOU THE GO AHEAD.

Slicks/drag radials:
Back into the burnout box, there will be a guy to guide you. Back in, do your burnout, then roll out while spinning the tires to get any water off the tires. Once again, DO NOT GO UP TO THE LINE UNTIL THE TRACK BEAST MOTIONS FOR YOU.

The Line

Once the burnout is complete, and the cars that were racing ahead of you have crossed the finish line, track beast will motion for you to pull ahead. There is a white sqaure box on the ground in the middle with 2 holes in the side. This is the box where you trip the lights. Rolling into the first light beam trips the first 2 yellow lights on the tree. Stop, then slowly roll forward to trip the second set. It is nit a big distance, so go SLOW. Once the second set are tripped on both sides of the tree, get ready ASAP. The yellow lights will be flashing before you know it and you will see the green.

The Launch

This is not bracket racing, the 3 yellow lights do not go on one at a time. As soon as you see those 3 yellow lights flash, LAUNCH!

Crossing the Line

Once you are across the line, start on the brakes. There are 2 or 3 return lanes.



Wait until he turns off, THEN YOU TURN OFF.

This only applies if you are in the right lane.

Do NOT panic if you miss the first and second return road, there is one at the very end of the track, they are ALL to your left, you can not miss them.

The Return Road

Once on the return road, you dont have to crawl along, but don’t do a repeat of your run. You will end up back at the timing shack. Pull up to it with your window down, and they will hand you a timeslip. Head back to the pits.


Congrats, you just made your first pass.