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Importing Vehicles from the US to Canada


Step 1 - Check your vehicle can be imported!
This is the RIV eligibility list to determine which models can and cannot be imported:

Step 2 - Purchase your car
Regardless of what the seller says, you do NOT pay tax to whatever state it was purchased in since you are not a resident of that state. (I have been advised that some states require you to pay tax. I have bought vehicles from 32 states now and never been required to pay tax, but inquire at the DMV or tax office for the specific state you are buying a vehicle in.) Make sure you have:
1) A title for your vehicle, fully signed over to you
2) A bill of sale for your vehicle, must clearly indicate VIN #, purchase price (and currency), kms, the seller's personal information, and the buyer's (your) personal information.

Step 3 - US Export Documentations
You MUST phone the Blaine US vehicle export office (assuming this is where you are bringing the vehicle across - Pacific Truck Crossing) and ask them to fax you a Vehicle Export Worksheet. The # to call is 360-332-2632, leave a message and they will fax it to you. Fill out this form and fax it, along with a copy of the title (front and rear) and a copy of the bill of sale to 360-332-2639.


Step 1 - Insurance
You must have a way of legally driving your vehicle on the US and Canadian sides of the border. You can call your local ICBC agent and have them issue you a temporary permit, call your agent for more information on this step.

Step 2 - Prepare Your Documents
For your day at the border you will need:
1) ORIGINAL title
2) ORIGINAL bill of sale
3) COPY of title (front and back)
4) COPY of bill of sale
5) Proof of insurance (may or may not be asked for, but make sure you have it just in case!)
6) Money. You may need a lot, or a little bit - you will need to be able to pay (they accept interac, credit card to a maximum of $500 on each card, and cash):
$100 Excise Tax (if your vehicle has a/c)
6.1% Duty (if your vehicle has not been produced in North America)
6% GST


Step 1 - US Customs to EXPORT
Drive your vehicle from wherever it is in the US to the Blaine border crossing (make sure to go to the commercial crossing. Park your vehicle at the examination pullout (pretend you are driving across normally, you will see a small pullout on the left side right next to the window booths to enter the US). Bring your keys and paperwork inside and find the "VEHICLE EXPORT OFFICE." Give them your title and keys and they will confirm they have received and processed the paperwork you have sent them 72 hours ago. They may or may not inspect your vehicle, but the final result will be a "VEHICLE EXPORTED" stamp that goes right on your original title.

Step 2 - Canadian Customs to IMPORT
Head over to the Canadian border. They will give you a yellow card at the booth and show you where to go inside - make sure you do not lose this!

Step 2A - Form 1
Ask the agent inside at the counter for a FORM 1. Go ahead and fill it out, asking the agent for help if you have any questions. Ensure you check "Credit Card" at the bottom and fill your credit card in to process the RIV payment.

Step 2B - B3
After filling out your Form 1, head to the two computers marked "B3 Entries" and use one. Follow the on-screen prompts as best as possible, asking for help when you need it.

Step 2C - Assemble and Hand In
Make sure to sign and date both copies of the B3 that print and stick the barcode to it. Also fill this barcode in on your Form 1.

The correct order for a complete package from top to bottom:
1) Yellow Card from the Booth
2) B3 copy 1 stapled to COPY of bill of sale and COPY of title
3) B3 copy 2 stapled to ORIGINAL bill of sale and ORIGINAL title
4) Form 1
Wrap this whole package in the yellow jacket that came with your barcode and hand it in.

Step 2D - Wait
It may take 5 minutes, it has taken me as long as 6 hours one day. Luck of the draw and by how many people are there ahead of you. They will call you to the cashier by name when you are finished.

Step 2E - Pay
With whatever combination of Interac, Credit Cards, and Cash - pay your bill. They will give you a gate pass to leave the compound. Make sure you leave with:
1) Original Title
2) Original Bill of Sale
3) 1 copy of B3
4) Form 1 (yellow and white sheets) *MARKED PAID

Step 2F - Leave
Thank god this day is over!


Step 1 - OOP Inspection
An "OUT OF PROVINCE" inspection is required. There are many shops in the lower mainland that are licensed to perform this (it should be approximately $75).

Step 2 - Compliance
Before your vehicle is federally inspected, you will need to make sure your vehicle has:
1) Daytime Running Lights
2) Speedometer labels in KMS (doesnt have to be the main display, an analog or digital readout is fine).
3) All lights (airbag, check engine, etc.) function properly and are out.
4) No open recalls (you will need written documenation of this)

Step 3 - Federal Inspection
By now you should have received in the mail your FORM 2 from the RIV. If not, give them a call at 1-888-848-8240 and ask them of the status of your case (your case # is printed on your form 1 and is a 6 digit number currently starting with H (H123456). Take this form, along with the white and yellow copies of your FORM 1, and recall documentation to any designated inspection centre (almost any canadian tire is one) and ask them to perform a federal inspection. This inspection is included in the RIV fee ($206.70 including GST as of the latest edit). They should stamp your documents and give you copies of the form 2 and recall letter and your original white and yellow copies of the form 1 back.

Step 4 - Register Your Car
Head over to your ICBC agent and bring with you:
1) WHITE copy of Form 1
2) ORIGINAL title
3) BLUE copy of provincial inspection

With these 3 documents, the agent should be able to register your vehicle into the province and then add insurance and license plates should you chose.

Step 5 - Keep for your records
1) YELLOW form 1 copy
2) B3
3) STAMPED form 2 copy
4) YELLOW provincial inspection copy
5) ORIGINAL bill of sale

Amended Mar 7, 2007
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When I imported my car this was a great help, just have a few things to ad.

If you want to imort a car on the weekend u can do so threw the Port angeles border crossing. You can import a car anytime there is a ferry running, and they do require a title 3 days pror to crossing but they dont require the vechile import worksheet.

On a side note you dont need a original copy of ur title to cross the border, but it must be certified, and whoever you bought it from needs to be the last name on the back of the title. When dealing with a lot they should supply u with a certified copy when doing a private sale make sure u get the original title.
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Originally posted by PhEnX
If you want to imort a car on the weekend u can do so threw the Port angeles border crossing. You can import a car anytime there is a ferry running, and they do require a title 3 days pror to crossing but they dont require the vechile import worksheet.
Is that how you did it? Because in August, I phoned there and was told I could not bring a car across there. If you did bring a car across here, can you please provide the numbers you had to call/fax to arrange this.
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Old 06-25-2008, 11:39 PM   #4, where our google ads make absolutely no sense!
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This news may be of interest to those who may want to bring an EVO VIII or IX to Canada...

Edit: fixed link
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why cant they just say it in plain english. so can you import evos now or what?
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I STILL don't get it
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i dont understand that shpeel lol

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Originally Posted by Benny95TA View Post
Is that how you did it? Because in August, I phoned there and was told I could not bring a car across there. If you did bring a car across here, can you please provide the numbers you had to call/fax to arrange this.
I am on the Island as well and found this info helpful
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