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raven69 02-13-2009 05:33 PM

New Clutch
hey im in the market for a new clutch for my 98 mustang gt. i dont plan on HUGE horse power from this car, so i dont need anything crazy. ive found a few options, but need some advice.

most of the options are just the clutch kit itself. they come with everything minus a flywheel. my question is what should i be looking for as far as performance wise. i dont want it so stiff its a pain to drive, but i dont want it like a limp noodle. 6 puck is more for race correct? and obviously id need to get my flywheel resurfaced.

also, one kit i was looking at comes with a flywheel. how much more benificial would getting a new flywheel be rather than resurfacing the stock one. also, would i have to surface the new flywheel aswell before i instal it?

give me some advice! thanks

jack_dangerous 02-13-2009 07:34 PM

if your mods are pretty much just i/h/e then a stock one would almost be fine.. or you can go with any of the high performance stage 1 clutches from clutchmasters, centerforce...etc
and yes don't get a 6 puck it is not needed unless you run huge power and is like an on off switch...a normal full face sprung disc will be fine..easier to drive too

apharmdb 02-13-2009 08:51 PM

I have an Exedy Stage I for a much lower HP track car. it is stiffer than the OEM clutch but it isn't a PIA to drive on the streets either.

bcrdukes 02-13-2009 08:55 PM


Philly74 02-13-2009 09:22 PM


Originally Posted by bcrdukes (Post 6279881)

he's looking for something that grabs better then stock but yet still drive able.

dustinb 02-14-2009 07:46 AM

I'm not familiar with the 98 Mustang, but do you know if it is a hydraulic or cable clutch? If hydraulic, the CenterForce dual friction will feel fine, and has way more grip. You can get them at any Lordco.

As far as the flywheel, a resurface should run you in the range of $50-$80. If you go with a lighter aftermarket flywheel, you're car will feel like its responding better, but whenever you put the clutch in, your revs will fall MUCH quicker, and you might not enjoy driving the car as much. Typically I would suggest staying with the stock flywheel on a bigger motor car like that.

twixxer 02-14-2009 10:32 AM

king kobra clultch - grabs better than stock is cheap and works great. and just get your flywheel resurfaced unless you can find a flywheel for a good price either way will work.

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