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Island Miscellaneous Buy & Sell Zero Tolerance for violation of rules.
Used Non Car-Related Items For Sale...

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Buy & Sell Rules 2009

You must post an asking price
No "throw me an offer" garbage. Remember, this is not an auction so prices go down, not up. If you do not post a price your thread will be removed and you will recieve points.
If you have a parts car for sale please make an effort to at least post prices on the major parts if you are not selling it as a whole. If you do this we will let you get away with a few parts not being priced, but if asked, post the price for everyone to see.

Use proper titles.
Threads will be closed without warning if you use incorrect titles. Here are the proper titles incase you were unaware:
FS: for sale
WTB: want to buy
WTT/FT:want to trade/for trade.
FREE: self explanatory!
If we see anything but the above then your thread will be removed and you may recieve points. FOR LEASE and LEASE TAKEOVER are also acceptable titles.

One bump/TTT a day.
This means that if you post an ad you can not bump it the same day you posted it, and only once per day after that. Answering questions is fine, but please use the quick quote option to answer multiple questions instead of postwhoring. If you need to add info, please use the edit button instead of adding a new post to your thread.

Details in your ad
If your ad doesn't have sufficient details your thread may be removed or locked. NO LINKS TO OTHER SITES EITHER (ie: Craigslist, Usedvictoria, Ebay)

If at any time we suspect that you are selling stolen items then we reserve the right to remove the post, report activities to the Police and Ban you instantly. ZERO TOLERANCE. Please report suspicious activity.

Buyers Beware
We at Revscene are NOT responsible for any products or services sold or traded here (including the sponsor's stuff). Do your research, meet in a well lit and populated area and be wary of your surroundings. Inspect the product thoroughly as well before you shell out your coin.

No spamming
If you are not a sponsor and you are selling items for profit we have the right to remove you without notice. This includes multiples and NEW products. No offering of services allowed.
No offering of your "services" or continued personal profit
Such as sub box making etc.. You need to be a sponsor to do that. This constitutes the selling of goods for profit: as in more than 1, you being a shop or business, or just selling a single item for huge profit. In laymans terms: NO PROFITING. PERIOD.
Group buys must be authorized before being posted. If not, bad things may happen. Also, we do not allow hook-ups if you work at a store or whatever.

No off-topic
Flaming, thread-crapping and off-topic discussion can and will result in you receiving points, and or losing your privileges to use the Classifieds. Keep the chatter to PMs.

You are only allowed to have TWO(2) threads in each buy and sell forum at one time.
For example, if your selling things like an amp, deck or subs, create one thread titled "FS: Amp/Deck/Subs".... Do not create one for each, as this clutters up the forum.


Stay on topic.
Ask Off topic questions through pm's. No "joking" with friends. Don't ask why someone is selling something. These type of things will get you points. This is not a chat area, use the Private messaging system or MSN/ICQ for that.

Ask questions in the threads. Conduct business through private messaging.
No one needs to see when and where you are meeting to finalize the deal, this is what the PM system is for.

No flaming.
No flames will be tolerated here. Negotiations and comments about price (within reason) are okay. If you're complaining about a price, be reasonable. Have justification like if Future Shop is selling for less.

No lowballing.
Pretty simple. If someone is asking $1500 for a car, offering them $200 is lowballing.

No group buys.
Group Buys are not allowed unauthorized. This type of purchase falls under our normal advertising rates. The organizer must purchase a Buy/Sell Advertising Dealer License or a Group Buy License. Refer to Profit 2.0. This is unfair to legitimate sponsors who do purchase licenses and obey our rules.


No multiple accounts.
One account per computer. Those members who are found with more than one account on the message board can be removed without warning. There should be no reason why a person should have more than one account. Its uses up our space and creates anonymity within a community.

No illegal items.
This includes: Stolen goods, Fireworks, warez, unauthorised fakes, CD-keys (other than when accompanying the original CD), guns, porn, babies, drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, whatever. This is not the place for this sort of thing.

No thread hijacking.
Meaning selling your crap in someone elses thread. Do NOT post your own ads or links to your own ad in someone else's FS or WTB thread.

Please remember to close your thread when it is done
To do this; post that it has been sold if you were selling something, or say no longer looking if you have found what you wanted to buy. The mods will then close your thread for you.

Use the "report post to a moderator" button when you see a problem. IE: Abusive members, whoring, stolen goods offered, SPAMMING etc.

We may ask for reciepts or proofs of purchase from time to time. Sometimes its random and sometimes its suspected. Failure to produce a reciept, proof or purchase or serial number may result in the removal of the thread without warning.

We also reserve the right to remove threads or posts and access to the Buy and Sell forums and members at any time without notice.

Thanks for shopping on Revscene!
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