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Old 09-10-2011, 03:30 AM   #1
Need my Daily Fix of RS
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good places to take a date to around dt van

I've been living in DT vancouver for a good 10 yrs - mostly around the yaletown /coal harbor area, and so I know it like the back of my hand. It seems a lot of the ppl from RS are either from Richmond or BBY and so the majority of their dates/outings occur there. The majority of RS is also under 19, so this is mostly for the single adults in and around Vancouver. So far from my time here I have found some great places to take a date to and these are my recommendations. I've had some of the best nights of my life around these parts which lead to some great sex. please feel free to add any places as you see fit:


great Japanese food: Guu in gastown. The vibe is awesome and the food is delicious. I recommend this avocado thing they have (totally forgot the name). reasonable prices and real japanese staff so it's got an authentic izakaya vibe to it.

great dancing/music: fortune sound club. abit out of the gastown, but you can't beat the laid back vibe, chilled bouncers, great music and decor that this place offers. if you want to take your date to a night of dancing after eating in gastown, i highly, highly recommend it.

great sandwich (lunch date): meat n bread. best sandwiches in van, bar none. super hipster though so if you hate that, you might want to avoid like the plague.

great place for a pint: GUILT n CO. amazing vibe, GIANT JENGA, absythe. BEAUTIFUL live music 4 days a week, great staff and prices. No douche bags here- just good music and drinks. Some great unknown beers here.

great place for a pint #2: irish heather and shebeen whiskey house. Where the F is shebeen you ask? it's this whole in the wall 40 ppl max capacity little bar that's tucked away in the BACK of the irish heather. IH has tons of whiskeys on it, but shebeen has again, some wicked unknown beers. No pretentiousness. Just a laid back, hidden little gem that you can have great conversation with your date at. Recommended beer; Blood Alley Bitter.

great BBQ: peckinpah in gastown. great pulled pork (my favorite) and ofcourse a pint of blood alley to wash it down with. mmm. don't take a date to it if it's your first time since it would look bad trying to seduce her if your fingers are slathered in bbq sauce. Probably a good gf place.

great carribean/mexican/latin american food: CALABASH. do not go without resoz during peak times fri/sat. you will not get a seat. new place that has amazing food, good prices and awesome vibe. some awesome sugar cane beers here.


YT is well, considerably smaller than GT, but the restaurants there are already established so you know exactly what to expect. the usual suspects are:

ciopinnos for fine italian, and of course blue water for fancy seafood (though Joe Fortes on thurlow is far better).

great place for a drink:

yaletown brew pub: as unpretentious as YT will ever get. laid back vibe. all/only beers they offer are in house though, but they have some good knockoff local brands that taste almost identical to established ones.

100 days/nights. used to be opus hotel. pretty pretentious, especially when it was known as Opus. place went under and now it's under new management. place to see and be seen. lots of celebs. I've ran into luongo about 4x there so far. decent food. only go there if your date is high maintenance , you have money to burn and you just want to impress her. the girls here are ALL high maintenance late 20s/early 30s somethings or escorts. avoid if you're not into plastic, pretentious women.

afterglow/george: see 100 days/nights.

great place for a dance: the ONLY place in YT for dancing is of course BarNone. if you have a date and if you're ugly, this is great because the lighting is so dim that you can hide your ugly face in the shadows. other than that it plays shitty top 40s , and attracts ugly women of all varieties. possibly due to the lighting. It's kinda douchey (as all donnelly clubs are), but if you're looking to get a girl drunk after dinner and seduce her with your moves, then this is your only option.

great place for a bite: RODNEYS OYSTER HOUSE! honestly, the best place for a bite is this place. decent prices and I like everything on the menu. It's got a GREAT vibe, the ppl are down to earth and just the atmosphere creates conversation. great place to take a down to earth date.

best place to pick up a hottie:

V on top of Earls. Go there on a Fri/sat with your boys. bring A game. thank me later.

best place to remove panties/seal the deal.

well here it is, giving away all my secrets. YT is no where near as fun as GT with twice the douchebaggery. However, it has two great features about it that GT cannot replicate:

David Lam Park/seawall at night and if you're up for a walk Burrard bridge. At night DLP is totally quiet with just a majestic view of the water. It is incredibly peaceful, the temperature there is mild (usually all times of the year) and the seawall just provides the greatest location to take a calm relaxing stroll in which you can throw your A game at her. Also if it's a bit colder, put your arms around her to warm her up and go for a slow walk. If she isn't into you by the end of the seawall at DLP, then you my friend, need to work on your game, or disregard her and accquire currency.

As for the Burrard bridge, at night, when you overlook the yachts, and the serene water, and it's just the two of you...well it's baby making time.

avoid granville street like the plague. nothing but bros and douchebags there and she's probably been to every club there by now. the only decent clubs on GS are: roxy and ginger. and honestly why bring a date there. that's where you go to pick up women or meet up with that cute class mate at the end of the year party.

If anyone wants to chime in feel free. Toodles!

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Old 09-14-2011, 03:53 PM   #2
I am Hook'd on RS
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so many views and no replies.. lol.. thanks for your share bro
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Old 09-14-2011, 04:09 PM   #3
Banned (ABWS)
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Guilt & Co

- didn't have very good music the night that I was there (live band).
-The food was overpriced (simply because the food didn't "deliver" and was sub-par in terms of quality).
- Hipster joint / no douchebags
- Unique uni-sex washroom. tripped me out when I first went

for a date, I'd say yes to check it out.
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Old 09-17-2011, 01:00 PM   #4
Diagonally parked in a parallel universe
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I find Stanley Park a wonderful place to take the type of girl who enjoys nature.
You can go rollerblading, biking, or just sit and have a picnic/enjoy the sunset
Well, at least when the weather is nice :P
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Old 09-18-2011, 11:02 PM   #5
I don't get it
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to the OP: awesome idea for a thread, now here's my two cents:

meat & bread - agree, great place to grab lunch date (especially first date), really causal and you don't need to commit as much time as say a dinner. Just remember to save room for the maple bacon ice-cream sandwich. Don't hate it until you try it!

Gult - agree, good vibe with the live band, but food sucks except for maybe the meat and cheese plate, so grab food from somewhere else and finish the night with a drink at gult

Pourhouse - haven't been there myself yet but another good place that i've heard for a place to grab a drink.

The Diamond - another great place to grab drinks/food. I believe all cocktails are double the portion (i.e. double shots). Also they have rookie bar tending classes where you learn about drinks. Bar tender makes 6-9 and then you get to try to make 3-4 followed by a couple of appetizers. Cool thing to do with a date. Only thing is classes are a bit pricy at $90 a person.

Overall I'd suggest Gastown than Yaletown, IMO Yaletown is little too pretentious. Unless the chick you are going out with is a gold digger/attention whore, I'd suggest Gastown.
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Old 09-21-2011, 04:34 PM   #6
I subscribe to the Fight Club ONLY
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Good thread.

+1 on Gastown. I love Gastown for dates. Great one-off restaurants that aren't too pricey or fancy, lots of stuff to see and conversation starters, you can point and make fun of the douchey LG club-whores at Fabric to come off as 'mature'.

I've only gone to Irish Heather, but know about Shebeens. Do you just walk through the Heather to get to Shebeens, or ask the host you're wanting to go to Shebeens or is there another entrance?

Other places I like in Gastown: Alibi Room, Incendio, Jules Bistro, Salt, Boneta, Campagnolo (further out in chinatown). Looking forward to Bitter, the new place from the guys who do the Heather/Salt/Judas Goat.

The Narrow at Main and 4th-ish area is a cool place if you really wanna impress a girl who doesn't get out much at how 'in the know' you are, since it's a total speak-easy from the outside.
Originally Posted by skyxx View Post
Sonick is a genius. I won't go into detail what's so great about his post. But it's damn good!
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