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Old 03-25-2012, 10:32 AM   #26
Diagonally parked in a parallel universe
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I could point at the bible the same way I could point at Harry Potter and say, 'look silly, this is obviously fictional.'
But you won't listen to reason. It's like playing Chess with a pigeon; no matter how good I am at chess, the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board, and strut around like it's victorious.
^ LOL quoted that from an Atheist replying to a Christian

Anyways, legitimate evidence of these entities existing or have existed are not present; they're nothing but mere beliefs. BELIEFS.
If the claims of these deities are backed up with actual scientific evidence, like Bedroom Eyes, I would gladly accept it.
I guess I'm an Atheist-Buddhist (not sure how that works). I believe in the principles & philosophies of Buddhism, but not in the illogical deities.

But hey, when dealing with humans, we aren't dealing with creatures of logic. Humans are creatures of emotion. In the end, believe whatever you wanna believe.
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Old 03-25-2012, 12:39 PM   #27
Los Bastardo owned my ass at least once
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Religion is an outdated form of self-therapy. The standard default for people falling on hard times is to look for a higher power for consolation, help, advice and even intervention. If you backtrack that to ancient man, it only makes sense for these people to start believing in Natural powers like animals, spirits and the sun. As these people evolved so did their beliefs. It became more complex and subsequently became part of their culture.
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Old 03-25-2012, 01:55 PM   #28
JDMEK9Mod | DogWhisperer
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why hasn't smarv posted in this thread yet? i want to learn about creationism
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Old 03-25-2012, 02:30 PM   #29
Prince of the Apes
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I don't like to believe in following one identity. I believe in a mix of everything. To me 'god' is our subconscious and our subconscious is the part of the brain that we will never be fully aware of except for when we are born and when we die.

We all make our own worlds and ideologies. What makes us human is more then just emotion, it's the state of awareness we have compared to other species of life. My mom is a big believer in destiny, and I don't like that one bit because its such a vague belief that you can use it to counter anyone's beliefs.

Evolution to me is how we perceive life around us. As an example I like to think of the 1st 2nd and 3rd dimension. 1st dimension, we are completely unaware of anything around us. 2nd dimension, our awareness grows, this is where the subconscious starts to develop. 3rd dimension is where we are right now we can develop ideas and project them as we see fit. 4th dimension, this is where belief plays a big role. I think that spirits/ghosts/gods are 4th dimension creatures. I don't know what other word to use besides 'creatures' because for all I know when we hit that next stage we don't even have a body. I like to think that we will start to evolve our self awareness into a collective mind. And by collective mind I dont mean a bunch of people who can't think for themselves. Its more like how we effect each other everyday and not even knowing it. I like to use the cylons as an example. They are aware of the 4th dimension but can only access a small part of it (having the ability to create their own world). They cannot ever get to it because they cannot evolve themselves any further then their creators.

When it comes to homosexuality I think that it all comes down to our DNA. I remember watching a video on how the male chromosome in our DNA is slowly getting phased out because at that level of our existence the female chromosome is dominate. So the males these days compared to the males in the beginning of the human race are more femine as a result of the chromosome war. There are a few species of animals where the female kills off its mate after mating and because of that the species is dying. Some of them have evolved a way to adapt to that but even still then not every individual will evolve that ability and thus will die off.

I know people will always have something to contribute to this vast topic and I like to hear what they have to say cause it always adds to my idea of life. I hope what I said makes sense to someone. Some of it may be me just rambling nonsense to you.
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Old 03-25-2012, 03:48 PM   #30
Willing to stick a finger in a guys butt for the sake of science
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Religion was created by humans, imo. The bible was written by one and I think the messages within it can be viewed any way based on the individuals' perception. Just because we have religion/faith doesn't excuse us for not thinking for ourselves. I was born and raised a Catholic but I started searching out my own beliefs at a young age. Catholicism refers to people as "sheep", I disagree. I think we were all born as leaders, in charge of our destinies and we shouldn't have to follow anybody but our true selves. I don't believe we NEED religion to keep our moral compass intact. We all have the potential to be good people, but we have to constantly make the conscious choice to keep it that way. I think the hardest thing with it is ALWAYS staying aware of your mindset and actions.

I agree with what Dino said about people fearing death and looking for something to believe. I personally would rather not sit in church and listen to some priest drone on about how I should live my life when Catholic priests have been known to play with little boys' bootyholes. I would consider myself more spiritual now than anything. I do not fear what created me because I see fear as a negative emotion. Motivating, yes but still negative. When people do things out of fear, it's mostly just to avoid getting punished... whereas if you come from a place of abundance and love, you do things because you genuinely want to. For me, that's the biggest issue with religion and my family sees this as blasphemy.

I'm an open minded person and the way I see it, if homosexuality was so wrong, it wouldn't exist. Nature wouldn't have intended it to be so but it's here. If the Universe deems it acceptable then who are we to say its' not? In scale to the Universe, a few humans on one planet when there are multitudes more? Who even set the standard for heterosexuals to be the norm? Let me guess, a straight male with a wife and most likely at the time, one or more mistresses. Again, humans are afraid of what we don't know. Heterosexual people don't understand that the love homosexuals feel for one another is the same. What people do behind closed doors is none of our business anyway so I don't know why people stress so much about it when it doesn't even involve them.

I believe that there is more to a human being than just their physical form. Health care professionals are being taught more and more about holistic healing. Alternative methods for healing are becoming more common. I don't see how these things could just take off if there wasn't truth to them. With meditation, I can see auras and so energy and all that is very real to me. Positive energy is stressed daily for HCP's. Everybody affects one another because that's our energies connecting. Proof of auras can be seen with Kirlian photography. I've done research of my own what colors of auras can mean before I had any clue and they are on point to a level where I feel a physical chill and my hair stands up. Ayurveda, Reiki, Theta, Acupunture, and Sound healing are just a few things that I can relate to energy healing. Proof that these work are seen in the people who practice these techniques and the people they practice on. I practice Reiki myself and on my family/friends who request it. I'm highly interested in being a professional practitioner for it because I've seen what it can do firsthand. If you're looking for proof in a scientific nature, let's talk about brainwaves. Alternative healers are subject to being researched of course and when someone enters a state to heal another, they fall into a different brainwave/level of awareness/consciousness. Beta brain waves (13-40Hz) are used during normal waking consciosness. Alpha (7-13Hz) is used for most healers/techniques (Reiki uses this). Theta waves (4-7Hz) are the state of REM sleep, lucid dreaming, and hypnosis. This is the brain wave that is said to have a connection to the Divine, create change within our material world, and for some, experience an OBE. I've only Theta healed once and had a very brief encounter with an OBE. It was as quick as a hiccup because I was confused and perhaps a little fearful, my intention was to meditate into an Alpha wave and I surpassed what I'm used to. I've also learned excessive amounts of information on Theta brainwaves, by playing MP3's of my book chapters THE NIGHT before my exams. I've maybe had to crack open my books once in 2 semesters and I was able to maintain a GPA of 4.13.

Also, more for evidence for the power of energy... our planet is what 70% water, humans are what, maybe 60% water right? Think about the things we say to each other on a daily basis that have a negative connotation. Dr. Masaru Emoto did an experiment with water in the 1990's. He discovered that water retains energy and intentions. Water in glasses with positive words said to them/taped onto them froze into beautiful snowflake crystals whereas water with negative words froze into ugly blobs. The Silva method uses water heavily to manifest changes in our lives and it works, I've used the technique and it's helped me greatly. It changed how I speak to others and the kind of intentions I send out every second of the day.

More on that subject here..

If you'd like more info, this is a great site. It's focused mostly on Theta because it's a Theta healing information site but helpful, nonetheless.
A Brief Explanation of Theta Brain Waves - Formula for MiraclesŪ

There's a group called Braveheart Women who have conferences in LA. My sister in law went to one in November and I'm hoping to get out to LA this year to attend one. She's currently being recruited by them for her vision and passion, supremely similar to my own. They are smart extremely educated women. My sister in law being 25/26 was the youngest one there. She had the opportunity to meet countless doctors, quantum physicists, numerologists who share the idea that there is more to humans and life than what we confine ourselves to. They've done group meditations where it's possible (and they did) hit fifth dimensional awareness. These are not run of the mill people either, they're intelligent people with life experiences that surpasses most of our own (the founder who is now a DR. was from the middle east and dodging bombs/watching her friends/family die off in explosions). If these people can open their mind up to more, what's stopping the rest of us?

My beliefs are mix and matched from different religions/view points. I research what I'm interested in and I collect ideas that resonate with me. I form and organize my own thoughts but I don't feel a need to push it on others like religion does. The most we can do is be aware ourselves and liberate others with our journey of self discovery.

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Old 03-25-2012, 06:26 PM   #31
I STILL don't get it
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we are a virus, after we deplete this planet we'll be off to the next "host"
only dead fish swim with the stream.
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Old 03-25-2012, 07:45 PM   #32
I Will not Admit my Addiction to RS
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Originally Posted by dinosaur View Post
As science answered ALL of these question.
Originally Posted by penner2k View Post

tilt your head back and using your hand pretend to shake a salt shaker in your mouth... you will notice that it will actually taste like salt in your mouth..
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Old 04-01-2012, 12:35 PM   #33
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Thread dead already?
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Old 04-27-2012, 09:41 PM   #34
I contribute to threads in the offtopic forum
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please watch the video if you have time, watch the entire thing, then start thinking at the end
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Old 04-27-2012, 11:01 PM   #35
Prince of the Apes
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going to watch it baked twice.

It explains stuff i already assumed, I like how they mention the next dimension. Interesting point on frequency and how we were manipulated during 'creation'.

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Old 12-26-2014, 07:27 PM   #36
My AFC gave me an ABS CEL code of LOL while at WOT!
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Been really into Atheist debates and discussions lately, after watching the Unbelievers on Netflix (highly recommended). Reading up on Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, Sam Harris etc.

Came across this video, which is a bit amateur, but the girl has some good points.

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