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drunkrussian 04-28-2012 09:50 AM


Originally Posted by 7seven (Post 7901806)
Oh no, I would support a females right to choose even if it didn't work out for me, but like with any decision, consultation and consideration should take place with all parties involved, both cases where with girlfriends at the time both on the pill, I just made it clear my stance on it but in the end told them it is ultimately their decision with the 51% vote so to speak. Obviously my preference would be abortion but if they chose routes of adoption or to keep it, I'd give them financial support and such, but made it clear don't expect any traditional family unit model or marriage crap from me.

this is my stance too. the woman is pregnant and has to deal with it in a way i could never imagine, the least i could do is give her the right to choose for herself. id hope she would bring me into the discussion but at the end of the day if she gets rid of it a life is lost but if she doesnt grt rid of it but wishes she did, two are lost

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