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Old 12-11-2012, 01:02 AM   #51
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This isn't news, it is someone committing suicide which happens a lot, but when you can make it interesting and bring up how she was recently pranked you can get idiot readers hooked. The media has an agenda and that's to sell, and this sorta shit sells. I doubt anyone REALLY thinks the prank call caused her suicide.
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Old 12-11-2012, 01:48 AM   #52
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Originally Posted by lady_mapetite View Post
i meant it in an indirect way, the whole morning sickness and being admitted to the hospital was what sparked the prank call and subsequent suicide no?

i don't know if i'm understanding you correctly but you seem to have this notion that this lady is suicidal? why do you think it's inevitable that she'll eventually kill herself? there's been no reports/news saying that she is, unless you've read this in other sources (and if that is the case, please do share - i like to read about it too)

i also don't think people who are suicidal or planning a suicide would actually think about a "perfect opportunity" or finding a "scapegoat" for their deaths. suicide is a very private matter/decision and studies have shown that people with suicidal inclinations spend most of their time planning their departure (ie: giving away their most prized possessions, donating their assets, making sure family members and/or pets are being taken care of) hence i have a hard time understanding why this lady would kill herself, did she not think about the fact that her children would be without a mother? her husband without a wife? i understand people make rash decisions but in this case her decision makes me go "hmmm..." =\.
I don't think you really understand the severity of suicidal thoughts. Did she think her children would be without a mother? I'm sure she did, however when people commit suicide, all that matters at that moment, is that the pain of living is too much to bear for them anymore, whatever the reasons, however, there is a build up to that point, where people consider it possibly, but believe the thoughts will pass. People who commit suicide, in almost all cases, have battled with the thought of it or a subconscious thought of it for a lot longer than the one incident that causes it.It doesn't mean that they spend 5 months straight thinking about suicide and get their shit together for the rest of their family first and then do it. My stepfather committed suicide 2 years ago after a fight with my mother. Did he do it because of a petty fight? Fuck no, he battled years of depression then a small incident was a trigger that pushed him over the edge. If that fight didn't happen would he still be around today? After talking to his family about the years of battling mental health issues I can easily say not very likely. To most people though, he was known for his smile, and positive attitude. It could just as well been a bad day at work or any other trigger. My point is if somebody is going to kill themselves, it reaches a point where it is about to happen, and any trigger will cause it, and its not the fault of the specific incident. Recently I lost another friend to suicide. Its been pretty speculated around the block that it was due to a relationship issue that was fairly recent. Is it his girlfriends fault? No fucking chance. Again it was just a trigger that was a final straw in a huge shitpile of issues that were not assessed by anyone involved. Did he give away all his stuff to people? No. I refuse to believe that in most cases of suicide that one single rock thrown causes the whole house to fall down so to speak. Unfortunately I've dealt with a lot of instances of it in my life, and had my fair share of discussions with doctors, psychiatrists and people affected by it, and a common trait shared by all the cases I have discussed with them, is its after a traumatic event, however, when looked back upon, the behaviour is usually pretty indicative of long suffering, with a very good job of hiding it to the public. There is no reason any news story would release any history of these issues for this woman at this point because of 2 reasons. They have no idea yet, because all anyone is going to say at this point is positive things when asked, out of respect, lack of knowledge about her situation, etc and the media has a MASSIVE boner for demonizing these DJ's because thats what the world wants to hear. Witch hunts get viewers, and followers.

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Old 12-11-2012, 10:12 AM   #53
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So this is a little extreme....

Global BC | Vancouver DJs halt prank calls after Australians' royal hoax
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Old 12-11-2012, 04:59 PM   #54
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the media here exploded over this - or rather imploded.
It's all over the paper, it's all over the TV, it's all over the Radio.
Some papers blame the DJs for a joke gone too far, whereas some others just say it's sheer coincidence.

I think that more or less it was just a coincidence... there was really nothing in the call that would have caused someone to breakdown to the point where suicide would be an option. And it's not like the nurse said something people were not expecting too, just symptoms very typical of morning sickness...
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Old 12-11-2012, 05:58 PM   #55
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Originally Posted by dinosaur View Post
I don't think they need to stop doing them, but maybe, at the beginning of the call they could be like, "this is a prank call. The opinions expressed herein are for the purposes of humour only. Now, the name I'm looking for is 'Freely', initials are 'I.P.'. "
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